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Threads, books, wips and bla,bla,bla...

Today I finished arranging my books! Yey, I'm proud of myself ^___^ Because I'm really a messy person. So probably my nice, arranged books won't stay like this for long, because that would mean not touching them at all, and I already picked The children of Hurin to read. I put many old books aside, in bookcases and left on the shelves only my favourite ones and those I plan to read. And I also tried to gather together the books that belong to one serie. So here comes my cleaned bookshelf :D
Shelf 1! Presenting my fat dictionaries. I haven't used them for years because I prefer the computer versions ^^; But those are still useful... especially when I'm doing aerobics and I need a stepper! Hidden behind are some books I'm suppose to ead... And lying next is Terry Deary's Horrible Histories Serie! I absolutely love those even since I was little. Never laughed so much to book filled with so much blood.
Shelf 2 comes with the volumes of the manga magazine Shogun on the first line. Right behind them is my Tolkien collection, who now's missing Hurin. LOTR is my alltime favourite book, and I also love the issue of the books - it's in too volumes, not 1(so hard to read such a big thing!) or 3 (like the original); and it's from the year when I was born. My collection misses also Silmarillion, that I gave years away and never take back

Shelf 3 keeps my little manga collection, so small and shy that it's hiding behind the Watch sere of Sergey Lukyanenko. Another favourite! I love it, especially Night Watch, Twilight Watch and Last Watch. The second book, Day Wacth, wasn't that good to me, but still bearable. The big books are various albums and such and some magazines, Yup, CC can even be seen a little!
And finally, shelf 4 is filled with Harry Potter on the back stage. The 7th book's missing, cause I lend it, hope I'll have it back, but still we have some extra volumes in French, HP school books (I haven't reaf yet the quidditch one) and Beedle. And on the front is Terry Pratchett! My second favourite fantasy writer after Tolkien!

Also, there are many cats on the shelves. They are my sister's but I use them to prevent the books from falling... and for other things. I cleaned a lot of space, because autumn is coming and that means new books! I wanna keep collecting all those series.
Phew, I sure talked a lot of the books, even thought it's 3.30am! This is because I'm such a book worm... and becaused I drank coffee at 11pm >.< ------- The other thing I tried to put in order is my threads. They aren't many, I know! But unfortunately they don't tend to become more. Because I'm poor, nyaa >.< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_hPxC0VmIiJM/Spxt7WTxpcI/AAAAAAAAAT0/tpa5Aj4nwR0/s1600-h/PIC_0017.JPG">The giraffe. Goodbuy lovely yellow background, hi boring white. I tend to hate more and more this damn fabric with those f***** orange lines. I've done this much for 4 days. I could have make a small project for that time! And I have to finish it for Friday but it's getting me so bored... When I can't work on it anymore, i'm sticthing this:
I'm trying to make another biskornu! :D I took this photo in the early evening, but then started watching Samurai Champloo and...
It's getting quite nice, so desu neee? And Samurai Champloo is seriously cool! I haven't watched battles this good since Samurai 7. I suppose I just neede some of this stuff. Lately I've been watching too much futire anime - Geass, Bebop, Trigun (btw I really wonder about that cat from Trigun...) After all beautiful sword fights are the best d(^^)b

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