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Some impossible goals to achieve

As the titles says, some impssible goals to achieve... that include enumration... and a hedgehog. The goals do not include the hedgehog though, but it's present in this post ;P

  • to watch 50 movies for an year (started april) - 9/50 anime doesn't count, but cartoon and western animation do . Rewatchings count
  • to read 100 books (started march) - 22/100 manga doesn't count. Rereadings do
  • to listen 10 000 tracks on last.fm (till april 2010) -3389
  • to have 2500 pageviews on DA (till February) - 1118
  • to make 2 months of anime watching on AP (till the end of 2009) - 1 month 2 days now
  • to finish the craft challenge (no timeline) 3/50/100
I count all of those clearly impossible. Actually I though the book's one was closest to achieve, cause I do like reading (more than watching movies - that's why the book's goal is 100 and the movie's - 50). But they say setting higher goals helps you. Yeah sure, I just don't know where to stop and it was probably again 3 am when I wrote those goals first (like it is now).

And here's the hedgehog! We saw him today when we went to Beglik Tash

Now I wanna have a pet hedghog ^^ this doesn't include counting, but is clearly impsooble too. Btw he ran very fast! At first he walked very slowly so we could make the pictures - for a moment the hedgie even stood without moving and only his nose was shivering. After the photo session ended, it ran away - I could never suppose that a creature with legs this short can run so fast!

Today (after coming home) I worked on the lotr tube scarf. I'm putting him as an entry for the craft challenge too. I knitted during 3 episodes of xxxHolic and half of the movie Johnny and the Dead. It's very pleasurable knitting this, because it's just a tube and I can knit without stopping, especially now, when I passed the first 2 Fair Island lines (they were pain in the *** to be honest). But now my fingers hurt and I can't continue typing >.<

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