вторник, август 25, 2009

Giraffe in Progress

Ohh Yeah, the crosses are back and this time they're BIG! I mean it! But I loved working on it soo much! I've never been so excited about stitching something. I did this for 2 or 3 days max and in the evening I was going to sleep with the thought how I was going to continue stitching tomorrow, lol. Mayne it's because the pattern is so unbelievably cute! I made it in purple instead of pink, but I think it's cute this way too.
But like always, there are some evil people, envying his cuteness and mocking him. Granma said he looks unshaven, and Mom wanted to give him the name Muamba and make him flying giraffe eating seagulls.
Btw I HATE hate hate this fabric. Because of those stupid organge lines! They can almost be seen through the white, and because of them I have to make some background. I can't leave it like this, but I still don't know what colour to make the background. I didn't want it to be white, because it's boring, maybe yellow, I like the yellow x purple combo. But now I'm out of yellow and red *shame* so itwill have to wait. And... we'll see..
Also this is supposed to become a birthday card in the end. I want to make a cross-stitched bday cards for all my friends from the class, because thus is going to ne our last year together.
The pattern is from Tatie Grenouille

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