събота, август 29, 2009

New anime pattern site!


It has the ambition to gather all the anime cross-stitch patetrns on the net! It's found by the deviant Kairi-chan16 .And it's evolving fast! It's full of awesome patterns already! One very good ting is, that there are posted littlemojo's patterns. I don't know what happened to her site, which was awesome, but anyway it's so good to have the patterns back. Nyaa I liked so many patterns I want to try, and I want to do those of the Anime Stitching Blog. I'm falling in love with this blog,seriously, it has so many if my favourite characters, but I'haven't got the time to stitch even one yet T___T. Grr, I really need more time.
The site accepts "donations of patterns" too, and lol, I decided to give some too. I never thought about posting patterns I made myself, because 1) I'm a newbie stitcher 2) I didn't know how to export the patterns from the program till lately. Now I know how. It's surprising, but I have to use the button "Extract" in order to extarct a pattern. And 3| I stistched fully only Kisa and have DOGS and Hikaru as wips so I can't be sure there are no mistakes. But I decided to give it a try and I sent some.
Mmm yeah I suppose someone else is gonna find if the patterns are okay before I do!

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