сряда, август 05, 2009

Current wips

1) LOTR scarf. That's what I'm currently knitting, as I mentioned in my previous post. The Fair Island lines were kinda hard for me to make and I'm not absolutely happy with them. Other than them, I really love it, and love working on it. I even think the stitches are pretty neat (for me). I'm just afraid I'll run out of grey soon. The first ball of yarn has almost ended already, and I knitted only about 40 cm. So I'll maybe add white in the middle... hope it won't look too bad.. the problem is I took the last 2 balls of that grey yarn from the magasine, if I remember correctly. And on the lable, there is almost no info at all and this pisses me off >.<
2) As for the cross-stitching, this one is finished. It was hard to stitch... only because I was afraid all the time that I'll run out of red thread. And it was really old tread, I had it from my great granma... those string I ususally use to make bracelets. But when I started this project, this red was the inly one I had at the moment so I strted with it. And as I didin't know the brand (that probably doesn't exist anymore) it'd be very difficult to find the very same colour... even though it's just red... I hardly made it actually. Now I'm totally out if red. And today, when I went shopping, I forgot to buy >.<

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