понеделник, март 31, 2008

Blood sugar

that little verse I've made for Blood sugar... I made it longer... it's because of R... I wasn.t going to post my writing here, but it's not "real thing" so here it goes...

Can't you see me clear?
Your sugar is too high.
Don't you wonder dear
Why so red are those stripes?
A candy cane; so bloody, bittersweet and sugary,
so delicious yet so real
a devil's venom one time deal.
In the box, here they hide;
hiding venom deep inside.
Lumps of sugar white as snow
with small red hearts that wait and grow.

Oh, you can't resist?
You reach your hand
for plesure that don't exist.
You want to grab it but you can't.
Well, ok...

Take it, take it, Mistress gives you
but she'll take something instead.
She'll give you lump, then she'll kiss you
taking soul, blood, flesh
and your last breath.

The price is small, you said...
She needs them to make another cane
with sugar so white and stripes so red
that they can drive insane.

And so another one will make the deal
so delicious yet so real.

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