понеделник, юли 14, 2008

Spiders and witches

Here is the last bracelet I made. I haven't made anything for a while so I'm happy I was able to finish it. It's not easy to overcome my own laziness. I started it maybe a month ago and that spider pattern was choosed randomly. But after that Alice Cooper concert mom was to, she brought back a great wizard hat - blue, with golden spiders on ot! such a coincidence, ne? :p Yesterday sis made me a whole witch photosession, but as always, my photos were bad. I'm just not photogenic. Still, it was fun. I was in black, black skirt and top, black nail polisch and a black ribbon over my neck. The only other colour was blue, with the hat and the big "amethyst", also from the concert.
Here's the whole bracelet. I'm proud with the spider's web :D

And I took photo of that badge too, because I thought the text's a little.. witchy lol

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