петък, август 15, 2008

The Thoughtfull Teddy

Pattern used : Breezy bear from Joyful Toys

But for some reason or other, I didn't want to make neither breezy nor joyful bear. And I had that lovely greyish yarn *in love* And so, Ashton (Ash) Rainbow was born. It really was pleasure knitting him. Sewing the body was a little hard for me, nut somehow I did it. The big problems came then. I ran out of grey yarn just before finishing the ears. So I decided to use brownish one for the front of the ears and the muzzle. BUT! *hnik hnik* Right after I started, I saw that the yarn was all torn, moth-eaten! I hardly made the ears, and there was no yarn left at all for the muzzle. So poor Rainbow was left this way ;(
And about the name. Ash, ok, it's clear, but why Rainbow?
Because I want so.
And because I'm so in love with this photo:

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