сряда, март 19, 2008

have been sick...

Those past few days, I was sick :( I was feeling really bad most of the time, but tried to be more optimistic ;) And so the good things were that I had the time to made some bracelets ( and patterns too!)
So first goes this little thingy for my cellphone. I simply love it! It's the Konoha sign. Lol, now I can speak for free with all of the Konoha shinobis ^^ hehe and I'm going to make also the Sand Village sign ]:)

and second is my Nerd bracelet >.> It's weird but I still like it. I decided to make it the very first time I saw it in the forum. My classmates said I went crazy but I think it's cool :p Still anime designs are better! Oh I just need the time and I'll make more anime bracelets :))))

And the second good thing was that I had more time for watching anime!!!!^____^ And now I'm up to episode 205 of Yu-Gi-Oh. And finally, the Egyptian series has begun! At last I'll see all about Kisara and Seto and the Blue-eyes
~Nyaaa~ and the showed Seto in that white suit and he was sooo cute!
Seto sure is one of my favourites, actually he was my "first anime love" lol But right now I care more for Itachi. Maybe tomorrow the new chapter will be out... at least I hope so! :l

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