вторник, февруари 08, 2011

Welcome, welcome :D

Me has 2 new followers and me wants to tell them a big big thanks!
So the poor ones that accidentally or not clicked the follow button are Star who's drifting drifting and Con Queso from the Cross stitching and game blog !


And as I don't like to write a blog post without putting some piccu to make it more interesting, I want to show you... Kadaj! Today a new dose of FFVII has arrived on the Dork Stitch blog!!! You can bet that got me excited! I was planning to show you today a finish of Gin or my new start of a Bleach chibi, but I couldn't help myself. I left my Byakuya (!!) start and had to try my luck with Kadaj
... but I have to admit I kinda failed with the colours on this one. To be honest, while stitching these sprites, I never, even once, checked the actual colour numbers and just randomly picked some thread from my box. For now it worked wonderfully well. For the Kadaj pattern, that asks for 5 colours, I used 5 thread brands - black from Puppets, face colour from a bulgarian brand, and grays DMC (the hair - it was the actual number, lol!) Anchor and Ariadna. But it wasn't a nice shot. The grays on the coat are blending together, and the face kinda got that delicious melon color. I don't know yet, maybe I'll redo it tomorrow, especially if after a good night sleep my arms stop hurting.
In any case, be sure that Kadaj will have his border. Why? Bah, do I need a reason to cage a bishie?
То има двама нови последователи и то иска да им каже голяямо благодаря :D
Голямоото благодаря отива при Star от drifting drifting и Con Queso от Cross stitch and game blog!!
И тъй като не обичам да пиша блог пост, без да сложа някоя картинка да е по-пъстричко, този път ще ви покажа Кададж! За днес смятах да показвам как завърших Гин, или новото Блийч чиби, което почнах, но щом видях, че на блога Dork Stitch e пристигнала нова доза от Final Fantasy, зарязах започнатия Бякуя (!!) и се пробвах с Кададж!
Обьче този път нещо не налучках цветовете. Трябва да призная, че докато правех предишните, нито веднъж не погледнах истинските номера на цветовете, а просто си избирах някакви от кутията с конци, и тази тактика работеше доста добре засега. За Кададж, за когото са нужни 5 цвята, в употреба влязоха 5 марки конци, от които изненадващо DMC-то беше истинският номер. Но със сивите не уцелих, защото се сливат, а и нещо цветът на лицето подозрително напомня зрял пъпеш. Може и да ми скимне да го пренаправя утре, особено ако ме отболи ръката.

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Анонимен каза...

thanks for the warm welcome =D

missy-tannenbaum каза...

Wow, I think this is the fastest I've ever seen one stitched, and even if you did use different floss, the colors look spot on to me! I'm really glad you liked the chart, and it looks fantastic, too!

Con Queso каза...

lol, thanks for the recognition. I can totally relate to picking colors by "feel" rather than the DMC number...mainly because I don't want to spend $100 to grab them all, haha. I'll show you what I made sometime that I eye-balled.

Zvetanka Shahanska каза...

Thanks! Very nice:)))

Tama каза...

He looks so cute! What a fast finish!!!
And no, you need no excuse for the cage :D
Thanks for the link to the finished pic of your other project - where did you find the pattern? It's beautiful!

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