четвъртък, февруари 03, 2011

And now we have a tiny Seph to join the party!

Tiny Sephiroth is done too and ready to join the others. They're not expecting him, although he got an invitation, but I guess didn't get the RSVP part. Well, he's bringing cake, so it must be all ok.
Tiny Sephiroth took almost one Return of the king, up to the eagle part. He doesn't actually mind pink, nor he has some sense of solidarity, but he does hate me for calling him tiny Sephiroth and blames me for his bad hair day , so this time the border s more of a precaution. I don't know if it'd be able to hold a 31 stitches high sprite tho, I should have used a double thread >.>
You should already know that the origin of these patterns is the famous Dork Stitch blog . And that's not all! A secret information leaked that some new FFVII patterns may be on the way!!! On this point, I do love Kadaj ^^ but I fail to picture him as a sprite!
Мъничкият Сефирот е готов да се присъедини към останалите от Final Fantasy! Те не го очакват, въпеки че Сефирот получи покана, но предполагам не е схванал частта с RSVP. Но тъй като носи торта, предполагам, че нещата ще се наредят.
Мъничкия Сефирот отне почти едно цяло Завръщане на краля, до онази част с орлит по-точно. За разлика от останалите, той няма нищо против розовото, нито пък е обзет от някакви чувства за колегиалност. Но тъй като не му харесва, че го наричам мъничък, а и смята, че не съм му направила косата добре, той също се сдоби със зелена клетчица.
Както и преди, тази схема иде от блога Dork Stitch . Това бе последната засега, но изтече секретна информация, че може да се появят още герои от FFVII!

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Emily каза...

I really need your email address!! I was going to send you an email and I couldn't ... so .. :)

In my TUSAL pic!! LOL, that's Coconut my "Beanie Baby" monkey!! He's my hair tie holder and until today he was my pin cushion while I was stitching!! He keeps me company and makes me smile!!

I hope you have a great day!!

missy-tannenbaum каза...

Oh, he looks so cute! The Sephiroth sprite was my favorite of the patterns, so I'm glad he doesn't mind the pink too badly. I will try my best with Kadaj, too! I sort of want to make Aerith, too- she must feel very weird about everyone having stitched Sephiroth and her not even having a chart. XD

Gatchacaz каза...

You're doing such a good job stitching Missy's charts. I hope she does more too, but I need to convert the colours to Anchor and find a colour fabric that will work for them all!

Tama каза...

He looks so cute! Tiny!Sephiroth is my favorite - except for Vincent :D

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