вторник, февруари 01, 2011

I've watched Final Fantasy

... Legend of the Crystals and i'm still recovering.
I'm still recovering from being sick with 38.5 C, but those two are unrelated.
Now, I'm a person who never played the games and probably never will T___T. I've watched Advent Children and Spirtis Within, and for me Final Fantasy means something like "drool bucket". I read the whole FF wiki and became a steady fan. Lately I remembered there were some other FF titles so I watched the Denzel special and the Last Order (anime Seph was kinda very cuute XD). So I bravely went on Legend of the Crystals!
You must agree, that when you expect this
and get this:
you're allowed some shock and frustration!
Chocobo is bald and the girl's but is shining...
So I sit and stitched the tiny Vincent Valantine from Dork Stitch and this is the actual excuse for writing a blog post.
He's stitched in the same manner as Reno.Previously, Missy guessed that the border is there to keep Reno from running away, and she was actually right. You see, Reno didn't like the fact that he was stitched on pink aida as this might ruin his image. Vincent agrees, so I had to stop him too. Vincent is also extreemly depressed how crooked the scan image turned to be, so please don't ask him if he was born on 14th of February or something like this.
I planned to babble on some more things, but in the end deleted the paragraph. This fact should make you very happy. Instead, watch that FFVII AMV down below. Picture in your mind Cloud as he is in the AMV with his cool big bike. Now remove the bike. And put the bald pink chokobo underneath.

5 коментара:

Emily каза...

Spirits Within is one of my all time fav movies!!

I haven't played the games in years

missy-tannenbaum каза...

Ah, Vincent shouldn't run away, though! It looks like pink is so totally his color! XD It's a really nice stitching- it shall be featured on the next post over at my blog! ^^

Dawn каза...

I hope your feeling better--
My son caught a cold and is sick too.

Tama каза...

I like Vincent on pink :D

Gatchacaz каза...

I'm scarred for life ... LOL!!!

That is the funniest post I have read in a long time and it really made my day! xx

I've never watched any of those cartoons, but a bald pink chocobo is an odd sight indeed.

I don't like Spirits Within. Pretty it may be, but I feel it has nothing in common with the Final Fantasy universe.

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