неделя, февруари 27, 2011

Finished biscornu and yet MOAR martcnichki

I just couldn't help myself - I bought some more today
Don't know if you can recognize it, but it's Sailor Mercury up there XD Totally messed up the dress, but I still thought it's cute, so I got this one for myself! And I think the small beads in the background are a very nice touch, representing her bubble attack! I don't know if I mentioned it, but right now I'm watching Sailor Moon, and I'm soooo into it XD

Cat, your lil package is ready for the post tomorrow ^^ And Missy, I'm waiting for your and your sister's address, so I can send it to you too!

Now for the biscornu wip I showed you last week - I finished it today.

Hooray for the "just off the loop"look >.>
Now the finished form...

frontand back

It's wrapped in paper now and ready to be given tomorrow! Hope she likes it!

Не можах да се сдържа, и днес накупих още малко мартенички. Но досега никоя година не съм оставала с нераздадени мартенички, едва ли ще стане и тази! XD

А завърших и бискорнюто за подаръче :) Вече даже е опаковано и чака да бъде подарено утре. Дано се хареса!

5 коментара:

EveningEmma каза...

The biscornu is very cute!
I'm excited about making my first one.

Zvetanka Shahanska каза...

Very nice!!! Hi, Topcho!!!

Joysze каза...

The biscornu is darling!!!!!!!!

Kttycat каза...

Oohh it turned out so cute!

Десислава каза...

Много ми харесва това бискорню!

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