вторник, април 20, 2010

The magic of backstitch & Card evolution

We all know that it's the backstitch that makes the difference
In any case I guess the bunny is happier now, as it has fingers, mouth (who would like to have the Hallo Kitty fate?) , whiskers and an eyebrow. But it totally messed my pretty back.
Yesterday it struck me that the birthday was today! Da*n it! I'm totally losing my sence of time! and the backstitch wasn't even done yet. I had a biology lesson so I had to go. On my way back I went searching for a present - usually we gather money for biggerpresent but this time I didn't know if they're doing so - good thing I at least had some shops with ideas. The weather was pretty pecular - it was raining while I was on the street and stopped everytime I entered a shop.
when I got back I had to work on finishing the card. This time I definitelly wanted something different, so I stayed late trying different things. The scanner (of course) refused to scan the finished card - I suppose it doesn't like working after midnight. So I took pictures with camera right before going to school.
And ohh YUSH I'm getting better, isn't that right 8D

I decided to stick with the yellow flower theme. Here's the inside:
The bottom flowers are just holding the paper and there's a secret message behind! :D
After I figured out I could use double sided tape for the cards, life's been esier ^___^ The result is prettier cards! (I had to google the English term for double sided tape... and in wiki - > I mean... people are not really using it to prevent hammers from slipping or to secute strapless dresses, are they? O.o )
Paper patterns used for the card are from Cuddly Buddly
The flowers and another items are part of a 3d decoupage sheet and are from here

Light is no good at o6:30 at the mornings. At least there isn't anyone's breakfast in the backround (at least nothing too much... sigh...)

Yush, the heart is stuck of the bottom ^_____^ I wanted to make tag saying "Nothing can warm your heart like a cup of hot tea" or something like this, but really couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

събота, април 17, 2010

One year of Last.fm

I warned you about this - now I'll be flooding you with useless stats on my listening habbits! (evil laugh ]:D )
Sooo... 12th of April was my anniversary on Last.fm. For one year I became slightly sddicted to its stats (and free offerings) and was able to fulfill my goal of 10 000 listened tracks. Actually right now I have 10 757 :)
And HERE is my profile on Last!
It's been fun to observe what music I listen, lol, I found out I was fond of some styles I've never heard about before, like indie and visual kei, lol. And also the changes in my top 8 that is shown on the profile page (that includes when they change the artist's photo - usually to a worse one).
Now enough babling, I'll just spam with pictures of stats - I absolutely love stats :B

I for myslef will say that my music taste doesn't quite fit anywhere... and that I'm terribly sorry that Gackt didn't make it tp the top 8! I really wouldn't mind having his picture on the front page!
Do you happen to have account there? Lol I'm always curious about what the others like :)

P.S. I'm pretty sure I have a cold. And wisodm teeth are pure evil MySpace

P.P.S. To Kttycat who in a previous post asked me to show the dress - I just can't take a descent photo, damn it! Everytime I take the camera, the sun hides. Still here's something (that should be clickable)

MySpace Better take a photo of the bathroom tiles...

A giveaway!

The owner of Crazy by design, Cathy K is having a giveaway - with great prizes! :D Her blog is
awesome too, I really enjoyed it. So why not go have a look and congratulate her on the 200th post and join in too :)

I found the info on Kttycat's blog, so I thank her for spreading the word too :3

петък, април 16, 2010

Tusal and bunny

Next TUSAL photo - wow, I can't believe this is the third month since I've entered it. Of course it's never too late to join on Dragon my Needle

This month was better for my jar as I finished finally the Sweet cube (and thus added lots of bright pink ) and then the bunny (with a fair amount of light pink, blue and purple). Remeber the bunny from the previous post?
Well at least now it looks more like a bunny. But still it's the almighty backstitch that would reveal it, lol. I hope I won't ruin it...
I have to say it was real pleasure to stitch this, especially after the tiny stitches of the cube. These here are so biiiig and niiice and neat :D Actually this might be my neatest back ever!
~proud of myself~

Why do all smart thing I was planning to say and post just dissapear once I start writing a blog?

сряда, април 07, 2010


Finally f***ing finished! I'm so not doing this again. I'm so not making freaking tiny crosses on this fabric. Never over 1 again. Plus the fact it was constantly worked after midnight, I'm pretty sure I gained yet another dioptre. Remind me to never mak the same mistake, because my usual memory lasts about 3 sec.
But gosh, I'm so pleased with the result ^_____^
It took me about 5 days to 1)find the camera 2) find the batteries 3) charge them 4) 3 days in row asking sister to take photos, since she's better than me in this, which is not that hard actually 5) giving up and shooting photos


How about like this?

Nesting in the chrysanthemum...

Realizing that I chose the one withered...


Pfff, I had enough of the artistic photo shooting XP

And may I use this blog to brag that today I bought my prom dress? :3
Most of my classmates started searching back in December, going to other cities, ordering... I bought the first dress I tried from the closest place. It's the exact opposite of what I was envisaging.
And I love it.
It's pink
With silverish flowers
(kinda like the tiles in the bathroom... ok, bad comment XP)
It's long
with bare shoulders and corset O.o

Everything I was planning to evade, lol! I was thinking about something middle length, some dark colour (camouflage!!!) and definitelly something to hide the shoulders.
But I don't really care if I'll look like a corseted (not so) little piggy because - did I mention I love it? And after all when again will I have the chance to wear a ball dress?

Oh, and what could this be?

a bunch of pastel colours for now. we'll be waiting for the allmighty backstitch
But there will be quite a lot of pink... I'm so pinkish lately... I guess it's the bathroom's fault, since they changed it from blue to pink...
Pinkish, Pink, Pinky ... and the Brain... I got the pink part but I'm still lacking the brain... Now tell me that Pinky is as the finger and it'll ruin everything... I never actually watch this show. But it's over 3 am and thus I have the right to write all kind of idiotic stuff - just ignore
and now off we go for the last filler episode of bleach! ^___^

The smallest font doesn't seem small enough >.>''

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