събота, април 17, 2010

One year of Last.fm

I warned you about this - now I'll be flooding you with useless stats on my listening habbits! (evil laugh ]:D )
Sooo... 12th of April was my anniversary on Last.fm. For one year I became slightly sddicted to its stats (and free offerings) and was able to fulfill my goal of 10 000 listened tracks. Actually right now I have 10 757 :)
And HERE is my profile on Last!
It's been fun to observe what music I listen, lol, I found out I was fond of some styles I've never heard about before, like indie and visual kei, lol. And also the changes in my top 8 that is shown on the profile page (that includes when they change the artist's photo - usually to a worse one).
Now enough babling, I'll just spam with pictures of stats - I absolutely love stats :B

I for myslef will say that my music taste doesn't quite fit anywhere... and that I'm terribly sorry that Gackt didn't make it tp the top 8! I really wouldn't mind having his picture on the front page!
Do you happen to have account there? Lol I'm always curious about what the others like :)

P.S. I'm pretty sure I have a cold. And wisodm teeth are pure evil MySpace

P.P.S. To Kttycat who in a previous post asked me to show the dress - I just can't take a descent photo, damn it! Everytime I take the camera, the sun hides. Still here's something (that should be clickable)

MySpace Better take a photo of the bathroom tiles...

2 коментара:

Dawn каза...

Ahhhhh you wisdom teeth need to come out now!!!! :) My dentist pulled them out all really fast-- so I didn't have time to complain!! Plus he does a good freezing too!!

Kttycat каза...

Lol its so pretty! And you poor thing with your wisdom teeth!

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