сряда, април 07, 2010


Finally f***ing finished! I'm so not doing this again. I'm so not making freaking tiny crosses on this fabric. Never over 1 again. Plus the fact it was constantly worked after midnight, I'm pretty sure I gained yet another dioptre. Remind me to never mak the same mistake, because my usual memory lasts about 3 sec.
But gosh, I'm so pleased with the result ^_____^
It took me about 5 days to 1)find the camera 2) find the batteries 3) charge them 4) 3 days in row asking sister to take photos, since she's better than me in this, which is not that hard actually 5) giving up and shooting photos


How about like this?

Nesting in the chrysanthemum...

Realizing that I chose the one withered...


Pfff, I had enough of the artistic photo shooting XP

And may I use this blog to brag that today I bought my prom dress? :3
Most of my classmates started searching back in December, going to other cities, ordering... I bought the first dress I tried from the closest place. It's the exact opposite of what I was envisaging.
And I love it.
It's pink
With silverish flowers
(kinda like the tiles in the bathroom... ok, bad comment XP)
It's long
with bare shoulders and corset O.o

Everything I was planning to evade, lol! I was thinking about something middle length, some dark colour (camouflage!!!) and definitelly something to hide the shoulders.
But I don't really care if I'll look like a corseted (not so) little piggy because - did I mention I love it? And after all when again will I have the chance to wear a ball dress?

Oh, and what could this be?

a bunch of pastel colours for now. we'll be waiting for the allmighty backstitch
But there will be quite a lot of pink... I'm so pinkish lately... I guess it's the bathroom's fault, since they changed it from blue to pink...
Pinkish, Pink, Pinky ... and the Brain... I got the pink part but I'm still lacking the brain... Now tell me that Pinky is as the finger and it'll ruin everything... I never actually watch this show. But it's over 3 am and thus I have the right to write all kind of idiotic stuff - just ignore
and now off we go for the last filler episode of bleach! ^___^

The smallest font doesn't seem small enough >.>''

3 коментара:

Kttycat каза...

Lol, your project turned out adorable! And I wanna see pics of the dress! It sounds really pretty.

Dawn каза...

Looks very cute!!
Nicely done :)

tatie grenouille каза...

Excellente idée d'en faire un cube!!!
Et il se mange???
Bonne semaine et à bientot sur ton blog!!!

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