петък, април 16, 2010

Tusal and bunny

Next TUSAL photo - wow, I can't believe this is the third month since I've entered it. Of course it's never too late to join on Dragon my Needle

This month was better for my jar as I finished finally the Sweet cube (and thus added lots of bright pink ) and then the bunny (with a fair amount of light pink, blue and purple). Remeber the bunny from the previous post?
Well at least now it looks more like a bunny. But still it's the almighty backstitch that would reveal it, lol. I hope I won't ruin it...
I have to say it was real pleasure to stitch this, especially after the tiny stitches of the cube. These here are so biiiig and niiice and neat :D Actually this might be my neatest back ever!
~proud of myself~

Why do all smart thing I was planning to say and post just dissapear once I start writing a blog?

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demeter83 каза...

Can I ask a really silly question? What does TUSAL actually stand for?

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