петък, март 19, 2010

(Fat) Cat Card Design

This is the final look of the cat birthday card:

I can honestly say that this is my most favourite one so far! Even though the basic is the same - cross stitch design with border of stitches on colour cardboard - I've used this pattern on almost all the previous one. Maybe it's the colour way, maybe it's the fact that it's circle, maybe it's the try to tie ribbon (looks better in the real world! ), maybe it's the cat, maybe it's just me. Anyway, I love this one.
I printed the cardbourd this time, using a sheet from CuddlyBuddly.com - lots of paper stuff there!
The girl that's the cat's new owner now, liked it too, which is most important I guess. I hope she'll feed it properly! :) Cause it aint fat after all.

2 коментара:

Kttycat каза...

Lol thanks for the laugh. It did turn out really cute!

tatie grenouille каза...

So beautiful!!!
J'espère que tu vas bien!!!
Passe une bonne journée et à trés bientot!!!

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