понеделник, април 30, 2012

Winners :)

Hi dears! Lets jump right to the point of this post - giveaway winners! Thank you everyone who joined my little giveaway, even if it could have beem better organized. I'll try to make it better next time! To kinda make up for this I decided to ask the Rafflecopter to pick two winners :D The first wins the stuff listed in the previous posts about the giveaway, and the runner up wins one piece of felt, one ribbon pack, some thread and a bookmark made by me :) I hope you're cool with this!
a Rafflecopter giveaway So the first person Raffle picked was Anne (with entry 26 for promoting the giveaway)
And runner up is Ruth with entry 2 that was for being a follower!
 Congrats! I wish I could send a little something to everyone who joined, who follows, and comments, and makes blogging so great, because you're all awesome, you know :)
 Dear winners. I'll be waiting for your address info :) I have to get off the pc right now, so I'll be sending you presnal messages in few hours, but if meanwhile you spot this message, feel free to send me the info on ninniv@abv.bg
 И ето че блог кендито свърши! Благодаря на всички, които се включиха. Иска ми се да пратя изненадка на всички, които се включиха, които четат, коментират и изобщо правят блогването толкова готино, защото всички сте страхотни. Надявам се скоро пак да направя някое кенди - и този път да го организирам по добре! Затова пък сега реших да изтегля двама победителя - един основен и един за утешителната наградка - и победителите се оказаха Ана и Рут, които избра Рафълкоптерчето. До следващия път, а утре пожелавам приятно изкарване на празника на всички ! :D

3 коментара:

♥ Nia каза...

Congrats to the lucky winners!! :D

Anne каза...

Oh my gosh!!! I won!!! I'm so excited to receive something you made!!! OOOOOHH!!!!!


Ziggyeor каза...

Congrats to the winners. I enjoyed your previous blog post too. I haven't even seen that book you mentioned and may look at my library for it. Nice Cumberbach pic spam. Did you see the pics from when he, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg and Chris Pine went to a Hooters to watch Boxing? (Hooters is an American Restaurant that serves ok food and beer is known for fairly well endowed servers ... usually)

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