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More photos, less talking

Hello dears!You know, this post was supposed to happend sometime right after Easter. But however I look at it, mmm it's not right after anymore. As an excuse I can only say that I had a bucnh of end-of-term exams, brains last Friday, phisilogy of blood and breathing on Monday, and upper and lower limbs tomorrow, all of this was maybe an infor you didn't need, but still wish me luck for tomorrow!
But for now I'll quitt talking and show you some very random, and quite outdated photos:
First look at the awesome book Jo from Serendipitous Stitching sent me! Just like this, out of pure awesomeness! This was my mystery mail, as you may have guessed! I couldn't help but read a page (or two, or more) instead of keeping it straight to anatomy, and it's oh so good!
Thank you Jo for being so awesome!!!

Then I have some eggs . Home eggs, eggs and granny's, and street eggs. The first photo was taken after the first battle round, so the number of eggs is quite low compared to what it used to be. My battle egg was green with dots, and I had all chances to make it for a win, but you know what happened? Mom dropped it while packing the eggs we were going to take to grandma's to continue the fight there. That's a conspiracy!!  So anyway, there were no real winners as all the eggs broke. but it has a good side too, because it's really sad when you just whant to eat some eggs and yours all refuse to break! XD
 In the end I went on fighting with the purple doted egg


And now how about a very outdated phopo, featuring the tree I put my martenichki on, it was just a month ago, and right next to the zoo. I can recognize some of mine, but I can describe them only with "that red and white ones"and I don't think this will help you spotting them. I usually prefer  the pink of white trees, but first is first, so this year it's yellow

And now something more interesting, how about an add on to the giveaway? Just navy aida and some fancy pins. There are for days left if you're interested in enetering, you can do so here!

And what I have left... oh yeah, the Tusal piccy!

It's Daffycat is who's hosting thispiece of awesome useless fun, o you can alway visit her for more info!

4 коментара:

EveningEmma каза...

Good luck with your exams!!

I love the Skulduggery books, I just finished Mortal Coil. They are such fun and quick reads.

Анонимен каза...


I love your little eggs, they are all lovely!
I've never read the Skulduggery books.
Your TUSAL looks great.

Anne каза...

Wow! We do the egg wars too!! My egg was almost the winner then the last war broke it :( So funny how that tradition has traveled all the way from Russia to Canada!! Sounds like you had a great Pascha too!! Love your TUSAL jar and that's some pretty fabric! Isn't Jo awesome! So sweet of her to send you that book!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname каза...


I've never heard of the egg wars or the decorated trees. We have an Easter Egg hunt here. I hide all the Large Boy's eggs around the house and leave a trail of clues so he has to find them. Things like "You'll sink to new depths to look here" which lead to under the sink in the bathroom. I like to make him work for his chocolate!

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