петък, април 13, 2012


My bookmarks officially arrived! *happy dance all around* Maybe you've seen them already at Tiki Stitches,and if not, you should still head that way, because her photo is way better than mine. The patterns are, one again, from "the wonderful world of sprites designed by Dork Stitch"
as Tiki says there, I really like the sound of it! So here are my gloomy photos, taken just before the package went at the post at the Uni corridor on my Repetitorium


I made some experiments with decoupage doing these, and I think they turned rather good!


Книгоразделителчетата ми най-сетне пристигнаха и вече без всякакви угризения, че ще разваял изненадата, мога да ги покажа. Отне им месец и половина да стигнат (язък за мартеничките. Аз вече мартеници ще пращам с коледната поща) но много много се радвам, че не се бяха загубили.
Тези книгоразделители пристигнаха у Даян от Tiki Stitches, и тъй като нейните снимки са по-добри от моите, препоръчвам посещение и там. Моите снимки са правени в коридора на университета, малко преди да отпътуват, поради липса на по-добър фон - върху Репетиториума (= официални записки за тройка по анатомия, ама аз и толкова не мога да си напълня в главата). А схемичките са естествено от Dork Stitch :)
С тези книгоразделители на воля си поиграх с декупаж. Всеки е минат с тази техника. Последните два са магнитни, розовият беше планиран като филцов, ама.. не ми хареса как стана и в последния момент го направих и него на магнитче. Тези са малко по усъвършенствани от магнитния със Сиел, защото намалих броя на слоевете.

Благодаря на тези, които се записаха за кендито! Време има още доста, така че ако на някой му се прииска - тук ще го чака да се кендито до 30ти. Ако за някого не сработи приставката, а иска да се запише - нека да пусне мейлче или коментар, и аз ще го впиша :) Повечето, които коментираха за това каква наградка да ушия, се спряха на полезния вариант и избраха книжка за игли. Важите желания са винаги закон, а този път ще съм и законопослушна - схемата е избрана и се шие и с малко повече късмет до края на великденската почивка ще е готова.

А такам... някой случайно да е зарибен по Шерлок? А да си мисли, че от Бенедикт Къмбърбач би излязъл стахотен Доктор?
Я поггледнете картинките по-долу :))))
Сега какво ще кажете?
Шерлок е по Фокс Крайм, Доктор Кой май по AXN :D

Thanks for everyone who signed up for the giveaway so far! You have plenty of time still, so anytime you decide to join in, or to add and extra entry, you can do it -> here! If you have a problem with the widget, say it in the comment or mail and I'll add you manually from my side. And thank you for all the comments you've left! Lol I didn't mean you had to leave me full dinner report , although it was awesome to read them! Most of you voted for the Useful type, so it's set in stine now - it wll be a needlecase. Pattern picked and stitching, I hope to show it to you after the Easter break, that to say after Monday.
I got home for the Easter yesterday, and it seems I have a mystery package to collect from the post! But with the days out it will have to wait till the end of the holiday.. aww the anticipation! XD I don't know what it is, but the only thing from the international mail that I'm waiting for is a set of stickers from GetGlue. Do you know this site? I found it like a month ago, and I'm getting addicted to it! It something like.. oh well I'd say Twitter for movies and games and books, but I don't like Twitter, so! You can check in everytime you watch/read/do something and you can gather stickers which is pretty fun - and they can mail the real sopies to you!
View Topcho's check-ins on GetGlue

It's kinda scary to gather all the things in one place - when the heck I started watching all of these?!?

View Topcho's stickers on GetGlue

And as you can win stickers by watching trailers too, now I have so many titles in my wanna watch list!

The last thing that got me is Sherlock! I'm loveng this show, but I just can't help expecting to see the Tardis around the corner!
Ok, seriously, I want Benedict Cumberbact as the next Doctor.
Not that I don't like Math Smith, just
And it goes well with the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff!
Ok, you see where I'm going, right?
Look, there's a ginger version! The Doctor wanted to be ginger, right, so how about this?
And the 2 show are made by the same people, more or less, os pretty pretty pleeeaase?
Btw someone watched the DW new trailer? All looks cool but no River Song, at least in what I watched!
Ok, let's stop with the fangirlshipping. I hope you have a nice sunny weekend, Easter or not! Tomorrow we'll be painting the eggs, and if they look good I'll snap a photo :D

12 коментара:

Tiki каза...

Your photos are as fabulous as your bookmarks. I can vouch for that! Sherlock as Dr Who? Sounds good to me but I still hope Matt Smith's not in any hurry to leave.
BTW, in regards to one of your earlier posts, I think Grimm is a great show. Happy Easter!

Christine каза...

Your bookmarks look amazing! It totally inspires me to have a go at making them too =)
Ahh must go and watch Sherlock now... Still haven't seen it =P

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname каза...

Very cute bookmarks!
I wonder what your mystery package can be? International mail is always exciting.

Анонимен каза...


Just found your blog.

I love your bookmarks they're great!
The decoupage worked very well.

How nice to have a mystery package to collect. Hope it's something really nice for you.

♥ Nia каза...

Great work with your bookmarks :)
I've watched Sherlock! Really cool show :)
Happy Sunday to you!!

missy-tannenbaum каза...

The bookmarks are really cute, and I love the fabric you used for Leonard! Is it painted on or did it come with all of the patterns on it, or is that the decoupage? Also, I think the rumor has been dispelled, but I read somewhere last month that Benedict Cumberbatch was going to play The Master on Doctor Who, which would have been pretty cool.

Jucó каза...

Wooow, great bookmarks, I love them:D:D And it is fun to make a photo of them on the anathomy book, oh, my!! How much I suffered learning day and night for the anathomy exam:P:D
Well, you really inspired me with your blog posts about reading. I also ordered some books from the internet:) I also bought the book called Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff. I cant wait to start to read it. I am reading now a crime story by Agatha Christie, just as I wrote it to your giveaway post comment, and I just finished the "Succubus Blues" by Richelle Mead, I really loved it!
What are your favourite books?

Veronica каза...

Oh, those bookmarks are the cutest! By the way, where can I get those FF Bear ribbons in your giveaway post? I'm crazy about FF Bears. LOL!


Anne каза...

Those are great bookmarks Nina!! I love them!! I like that Get Glue site! Hmm, mysterious package...exciting!!

I hope you had a wonderful Pascha! We did!!

Христос воскресе!!

I like the new Sherlock Holmes guy...can't remember his name. He's so good!!

Joysze каза...

You saw the Tardis in the background of the Baskerville episode right? ;)

We're rewatching Dr. Who now. Man, I love DT. BC is cool too.. he'll be in the next ST movie, did you know? :)

Mangogirl каза...

I love the bookmakrs they look awesome!

Десислава каза...

Чудесни книгоразделители. Станали са по добри от първия и то е защото вече имаш опит. Поздравления!

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