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IHSW results

Hello everyone! It seems that everyone had a pretty productive weekend :) I got to work only on Friday and Saturday. I was hoping to get a little bit more done, but I'm still happy with the results. It was good to pick up something I hadn't work on for quite some time. And with this, I'm only two projects short from completeing the March madness - I just have to find some time to put a few stitches on the SK and TGE untill the end of the month.

Ето ги резултатие след IHSW уикенда. Надявах се да са малко повече, но и това не е зле, още повече като се има предвид, че отдавна не го бях пипала. Пък и сега остават само още два проекта и ще съм изпълнила лудото мартенско предизвикателство. А овчата шейна засега остана в Бс.
Също така най-накрая взех, че си направих теста за героините на Джейн Остин, който от доста време насам мярках по доста блогове. И ура - излазох Елинор Дашууд, от любимата ми Разум и Чувства, което си ми е най-любимият роман на Джейн Остин. А можете ли да познаете кой ми е любимец? Полсовник Брандън въртеше ли ви се из ума? Дано, защото това е верният отговор! И то не заради Снейп. Защото Разум и чувства гледах преди ХП, а книгата прочетох преди филма. Как да не му съчувстваш на горкото, и да не ти се прииска да му дадеш гушка! XD
Сега ми се пригледа пак филма. Заслужава си поредното гледане, особено след като осъзнах, че Хю Лори играе господин Палмър. То беше все едно да откриеш липсващото звено в еволюцията на сарказма от Устър до Хаус. Липсващият Пикачу между Пичу и Райчу. Добре, това последното беше странно сравнение, но кой може да отрече приликата между покемоните и джентълмените?
Аз лично мисля, че Дарси е Чармандър.
А някой гледал ли е по-новия Разум и чувства да сподели впечатления? Аз все пак обаче смятам да заложа на класиката с Ема Томпсън и Алан Рикман.

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Jane Austen Character Quiz here!

Aaand I finally made the Jane Austin test I've been seeing on many of your blogs. And YAY - I got my fav Elinor with the awesome Emma Thompson :)))) Sense and Sensibility is my fav JA, although lately I'm having trouble spelling sensibility, it turns into Stitchability XD And you know who's my favourite of the gentlemen? Did you have Col. Brandon in mind, because I do! And no, not because Snape, because I watched S&S before HP and I read the book before I watched it. I wanted to give the poor thing a hug in every scene almost till the end and I was so happy with the ending! :D
Ahh, now I want to rewatch it again, especially since I realized that Hugh Laurie plays Mr Palmer. I though it was hillarious. Like finding the missing link in the sarcasm evolution between Wooster and House. Like Pikachu between Pichu and Raichu.
... ok that was a little bit weird but still. And who could deny the likeness between Pokemons and gentlemen?

I think Darcy is a Charmander.

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missy-tannenbaum каза...

The purple fabric is so cool, and your stitching looks great on it! I love the curly-cues in the sheep's fluff. It's adorable!

Slavka; e-mail: sisimoni9@abv.bg каза...

Интересно гобленче, ще ми се да го видя в завършен вид

Anne каза...

Great stitching darling!! LOVE ALAN RICKMAN BEFORE HP too! I loved him originally in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves and then of course as Colonel Brandon. Who doesn't love Colonel Brandon?!! I found it funny too that Hugh Laurie is Mr. Palmer. And Mrs. Palmer is actually Dolores Umbrage in HP!!!

geeky Heather каза...

LOL!!! I am huge fan of Captain Brandon as well. I think I also came out as Elinor Dashwood when I took that quiz a while ago. I love that movie, and the book as well. Just fantastic!!

I love that purple fabric!!

Анонимен каза...


Lovely progress and great choice of fabric,

Happy stitching.

demeter83 каза...

Hi, loving your beautiful progress, and the gorgeous purple fabric (I'm a great lover of purple things).
I've just been nominated for a Leibster award on my blog and want to pass this on to you in turn.
The details are on my blog at http://kim-demeter83.blogspot.com

Bea каза...

That's a great picture and I love the fabric you're using.

♥ Nia каза...

Your stitching looks fun! And very pretty fabric :)

Joysze каза...

Oooh, love this!! The fabbie is so pretty. :D

Mangogirl каза...

gorgeous stitching :)

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