петък, март 02, 2012

Честита Баба Марта!

Всички да са живи, здрави, бели и червени !!!
Нищо, че е втори, аз така или иначе празнувам цял месец :D При нас баба Марта от първия ден реши да покаже характер, на първи във Варна беше голям ветрилник, даващ предпоставки за летящи кучета и не само; днес пък в Бургас мина през цялата мартенска гама то слънце до дъждец.
И затова, тъй като не държа на студено, а най-вече, не мога на студено да държа фотоапарата, имам снимчици само на мартеничките, които раздавах, които посъбрах и малко от украсата в мола.
По-малко са мартеничките от миналата година, пък и снимките им не са от най-добрите, но в седем сутринта - толкова :D Шкафът от Красавицата и звяра го взех заради майтапа, просто не можах да устоя XD

Hello everyone! This time you saw all the piccus before getting to read this. Maybe some of the people who followed me previous years will recall the March madness :)) In Bulgaria we celebrate first of March by giving each other martenitsi made of read and white thread, a symbol of health, happiness and the upcoming spring.
March is the only month considered here "female" because they say that the weather in March changes as woman changes her mood :))) Well "Granny Marta" showed some character form the first day, going from wind, snow, sun and rain! But we still love her! Anyway with such weather I only snapped a very quick photo of some of the decoration in the mall, and the martenichki photos are from 7 am before going to anatomy. This year they are less in number and fancy-ness than last time, because I bought these at the last moment, but still I love them all. It was hard to part with some :D But the once I recieved are just as pretty if not prettier !

Later today I'll put my Theme-a-licious post too.
For now - happy March, happy spring, with nice and sunny weather, lots of happiness and health!

4 коментара:

Blu каза...

What an interesting tradition! Your bracelets are very pretty.

missy-tannenbaum каза...

Happy springtime! The photos are really fun to look at- some of them are really pretty, but others are quite funny, too. We still have a lot of the ones you mailed on display here- the one that looks like two dolls have been attached to my game boy, and the one that looks like a horseshoe has been pinned up in the kitchen! It'll be nice to know that today, they're actually in season, unlike they were the rest of the year. ^^; Have a nice day~!

Tiki каза...

What fun. Happy March!

geeky Heather каза...

Thank you for sharing this tradition! One of my coworkers is from Bulgaria...wouldn't he be surprised if I ask him where his martenitsi is?? =)

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