сряда, февруари 10, 2010

Warning - horrible quality piccu

My camera suddenly refused to work

and mobile phones are no good..

Now that I think of it, I could have scanned the cross stitchMySpace

I still hope the camera will come back to life, because the TUSAL jar definitely won't fit in the scanner (and I bought a new jar :D )

3 коментара:

Dawn каза...

Oh I hate digital cameras too!!
Mine is taking fuzzy photos lately!! I guess it got banged around too much!! But it looks pretty good anyways!!
Thanks for reminding about the jar(not thinking about too much-- since I have had the flu).. Have to post a photo this week end.

stitchinfiend каза...

Ice cream - I have just finished eating a bowl and it was sooo nice.

tatie grenouille каза...

No problem: i can see and Aaaahhhh i want to eat something:(
Beautiful creation!!!

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