четвъртък, февруари 18, 2010


And how comes this is chocolate?!?

Those are so obviously biscuits and some kind of jelly beans or something. Where's the

chocolate? I'm freaking serious when it's about chocolate. Serious like Sunako in episode 19.

Btw there seems to be a Yamato Nadeshiko drama! Must watch!

And a better picture of the cake. And of the "chocolate" because the upper one is a failure - a big one

4 коментара:

Dawn каза...

Looking good!!
I can't eat chocolate -- if I do it can trigger a migraine!! I do sometimes -- it a hit and miss thing. It is just easier to not to eat it. But I do drink one cup of hot chocolate per week-- I found a mix that I'm able to drink with no problems!!

stitchinfiend каза...

That is just gorgeous - another chocolate lover here.

Kttycat каза...

Lol, i'm one of them odd females I really can't stand much chocolate. I eat very little of it. When it comes to candy i'd rather have fruity gummy type things. Mmmmm gummy bears... Anyways your project is looking good. Maybe the little chocolates are wrapped chocolates... like in foil or something. Lol

tatie grenouille каза...

Pas de chocolat pour moi non plus... Mais quelle tentation sur ton blog!!!
Bonne continuation!!!

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