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TUSAL update -14 feb

From Dragon my Needle

And so came the day of the new moon when I shall present you my TUSAL jar

My camera is back to life! I still don't know the cause for its  behaviour.
And I sure need to know how to take better pictures, but I think the difference is OBVIOUS
Puffles scraps, cat fur (no, we haven't shaved it yet, although *some people* really want to. The cat is still nameless btw) and cake leftovers

The new jar is quite better than the old one, ne? :D

As I said before, the only interesting thing would be the sheep charm. Ok, here's its story: I've been keeping this for years, seriously. I got it as a charm for martenitsa and I loved it so much I wore it on my neck whole month. But  martenitsi are worn only until you see spring bird/full blown tree, and should not be used the next year. Well I couldn't let go of this sheep, so I detached the charm and kept it without having exact idea what to do with it. It spend some time on my mother's USB. Eventually, I got the idea to attach it to some cross stitch work as I found the perfect sheep sampler. It would fit perfectly.
And then
And I think you got the idea..

Well that's it, pretty much
Happy Valentine's Day to those who celebrate it
Happy St Tryphon's Day to those others who celebrate it, if there are any among you
And very merry unbirthday to the rest of us :) 
And hey, this is the 100th post, wow.

3 коментара:

Kttycat каза...

Congrats on your 100th post! Lol the sheep is cute. Thanks for reminding me to post my tusal!!!! I don't want to get beat with a wet noodle!

stitchinfiend каза...

congrats on your 100th post. Love the story behind the sheep charm.

Dawn каза...

Pretty jar--
not like my recycled one! I have lots of them (stir fry sauce bottles-- very handy--stir fry is one of my fav meals and could eat it everyday)

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