вторник, февруари 02, 2010

But the cake isn't dome yet :(

I wanted to say " I have a birthday, come and have some cake" but I haven't stitched the SODA cake part fully yet

Lol, it's so tiny it wouldn't be enough anyway! The mini-tiny-puny sweet SAL started yesterday, but I had so many things to do and so little tile to stitch and today when I have some time, I'm so tires, I just can't go on, nyaa... So better have some of this:

(I have a book how to make weird cakes like this, but somehow have the feeling I'll never make one) 

or this:

LOL! I so WANT a cake like this!

My cake was more ordinary one, but still nice. Yesterday I went to bed at 2 am and had to get up at 6.30 for school, so I wasn't in particularly good mood in the morning, I just wanted to let me have quietly my milk, and then mom entered my room with a plush cow and a bottle of strawberry champagne, lol!

Then at school my friend got the most amazing present, it was so unexpected and they were hiding it all the time, it's AWESOME, and I love it


Then we went to a Chinese restaurant (like every year). And in few words everything was great, but now I'm so tired *yawn*

So let's close things with the "19 years-old" song, I really love it, as well as the anime, well, we'll see about the lyrics ^^

Good night everyone :D 

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Kttycat каза...

Happy Birthday! Glad it was a good day for you!

stitchinfiend каза...

Happy Birthday - glad you had an awesome day.

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