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February Wipocalypse!

Finally comes my check on post for the February Wipocalypse - I actually have a kind of good reason for this, but ut will have to wait.
First I want to say thanks to all of your who shared their Star Wars stories on my previous post. All of them are great. I aready knew I had the most awesome followers ever!! And it was so nice to know some of your understood my fan based babble, crossing the realms of different fandoms. If a day comes, when no one gets it, I'll be seriously worried, but for now I'll keep going! XD
On the followers note, I've seen that the number of follower have grown, so welcome to all! I can't find out who some of you are, so if I'm not stalking your blog back, probably this is the reason. I'd love to, so if you don't mind me hanging from time to time around your pretty blog, you can share its address in a comment :)

Now for the Wipocalypse, yay! The last month has been very successfull and stitchy, simply due to the fact that I had a vacation after I took my exams. Second semester starts next week, so the amoutnt of stitches in the next months will be visible smaller.

Here's my Wipocalypse list:

  • Spring in Japan (Mylena Style)
  • Steam Punk fairy (Haed) -one page finshed!

This is the reason I'm late with my check in. I can't remember if I said it or not, but I restarted the Steam Punk Fairy - I'm doing it now with 2 over 1 instead of 1 over 1, and I'm much happier this way. I had the page almost finished by the actual Wipocalypse date, with only only a handfull of stitches left. But they were all over tha page and of every possible colour so filling them all was hell. For the next page I'm def planning to try the block by block thing. I won't be starting it right away though.

At first when I started it, the background looked super wierd to me and got me worried that I was doing something wrong, or that I mesed up with the colours. But I saw one SP Fairy finished on the Haed site and she has the same BG.

I really love this piece. It was amost impossible to let go of it and work on something else (I'll show some elses some other time!) and the result is a lots of fluff for the TUSAL jar along with two broken needles (now i'm out of 28 needles and this sucks) and a bandage on my finger, lol XD The scanner didn't do justice to the colours, killing the Kreinik sparkle and making it all grey, but as much as I dislike taking photos, I'm not sure the camera reslut would be better. Anyway in real life I feel like hugging it XD

  • Tree of Stitches (Abi Gurden) - FINISHED!!
  • The great escape (Abi Gurden)
  • One sheep open sleigh (Waxing moon)
  • Storykeeper Storykeep (haed) -
  • Mirror, mirror (Abbey Lane Designs)
  • The Hogsfather (Lysdisfarne)
  • Why is it? - FINISHED
  • Random Selection of characters - that includes sprites, tinies, chibies and such

This month I have less than usual. I can only point to

Yoda and


On brighter side I tried I new way of finishing (bookmark) and I did the first of a seriec of different quotes I want to make. It was also my first iotacon apart from the usual cute Dork Stitch sprites.

So what do you think, 2 finishes from the ocalypse list, sounds nice, no? So here's my greedy plan : I decided to add a project to the wipocalypse list, a.k.a. the list of permitted starts, for every one I finish. It will be hard enough to choose wich ones though!



Това е постът за февруарския Уипокалипс, с който закъснявам почти седмица, но всъщност си имам извинение. Него ще го споделя обаче след малко.

Първо искам да благодаря на всички, които споделиха своите истории за Междузвездни войни, за Йода, и които изобщо схванаха за какво се говори в предишния пост, особено при кръстоските между различни фендомове. Аз си знам, че имам най-готините читатели, и това се потвърждава с всеки следващ коментар! :))))

А сега за Уипокалипса - въпреки стряскащото му заглавие, това начинание представлява просто работа върху списък проекти, който даже можеш да обновяваш, и да се напъваш да ги свършиш, после веднъж месечно хората се събират да се похвалят със случващото се.

Аз мисля, че за този месец имам доста за хвалене :D Просто защото, тъй като бях във ваканция след изпитите, ми остана доста време. Настоящият ми уипокалипс списък е

  • Японска пролет
  • Стийм Пънк Фея - на която този месец завърших първата страница!

Това беше и причината да се забавя с поста - почти всичко бе свършено преди нарочената дата, бяха останали само шепа бодове, които затова пък бяха разпилени по цялата страница и във всеки възможен цвят, та затова ми отне доста време да ги попълня. Но аз съм си инат и реших, че няма да го покажа това, докато не го завърша.

От начало, като я почнах, фонът ми се видя страшно странен и насечен, и се обезпокоих, че нещо съм объркала, я схемата, я цветовете, после обаче проверих на сайта на Хаед една завършена фея, и нейният фон също беше така. Иначе много много си я харесвам как става, нищо, че диадемата ми изкара душата и продупчи пръста, докато я направя. А на живо Крейникчето така хубаво и мекичко бляска, нищо че скенерът го е хванал съвсем сиво. Изобщо направо ми иде да си я прегърна феята. XD

  • Tree of Stitches (Abi Gurden) - ЗАВЪРШЕНО!!
  • The great escape (Abi Gurden)
  • One sheep open sleigh (Waxing moon)
  • Storykeeper Storykeep (haed) -
  • Mirror, mirror (Abbey Lane Designs)
  • The Hogsfather (Lysdisfarne)
  • Why is it? - ЗАВЪРШЕНО!!
  • Дребни герои и чибита - Йода и Сиел

Е никак не е зле, нали? А сега ето го злият ми план - за всеки завършен проект от Уипокалипс списъка си разрешавам да включа друг на негово място. Хихихи, защото съм алчно >:D Не, че ще е лесно от тях да избера

11 коментара:

Julie каза...

Hi Topcho.Punk fairy is real pretty,look forward to seeing the rest of her and seeing your bookmarks.Just love bookmarks.

demeter83 каза...

I love Steampunk Fairy, I want to stitch her at some point, so I can't wait to see your progress on her.

mdgtjulie каза...

Your fairy is gorgeous. I came to see a piccy of your tree and it's not here!! Shame on you for having a finish and not showing piccys, lol.

Ziggyeor каза...

The Steam Punk Fairly looks very pretty.
I feel the same way about my dragon I can't stand for having so many colors over the place so I go page by page finding the colors rather than doing block by block. That's why it looks the way it does.

Zvetanka Shahanska каза...

Феята ще стане разкошна:)Поздрави, Топчо!Усмивчици:)))

Jucó каза...

Hi There!
Steampunk fairy is beautiful ,I just love it!!:) I can be a big work though. I am stiching my wolves picture more since July, and my aida still looks almost empty, although I already done about 2000 of 20000 stiches,,,,:)
I will post some updates to my blog (its a shame I didnt post months ago).
I like taking photos,I am usually just toooo lazy to upload them on my computer. I had a really dificult 24 hour shift yesterday at the neurology, so my day was sleeping and sleepines, I cannot concentrate on my stiching in this condition, but i hope tomorrow I can do some stiching.
by the way, could you tell me about abbreviations, I am reading blogs almost a year ago, and i still dont get, waht WIP, PIF, TUSAL, and things like that are,,, is there a page where they explain it? :)

Jucó каза...

Oh, well now i get it!:D:D Thank you for the explanations, it was really useful:):)
now I think i go to sleep, I promise tomorrow i will make a blog updat on my creative world:)
Have a nice evening:)

Reaper каза...

I really love the Steam Punk Fairy, she's so beautiful! Sorry to hear about the restart, but she's looking fabulous :-) Great job with your WIPocalypse so far!

Mangogirl каза...

beautiful stitching :D

Десислава каза...

Отдавна не бях разглеждала блога ти и останах изумена колко си продуктивна. Изключително много ми харесва дървото. А феята е много сладичка, въпреки че не е завършена си личи колко хубава ще стане. И да знаеш, че ще ти открадна идеята за книгоразделителя. Страшно много ми харесва.

Anne каза...

Fabulous progress!! I love that design! Scanning huh? Hmmm....maybe I should try that sometime seeing as my cell phone camera sucks!!

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