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Challenge spree part 2 - reading challenges

As promised! As you may know, I had 2 readings challenges for now - the Mount TBR challenge and the Sir Terry Pratchett challenge. I decided to join some more. But this is not as bad as it sounds, because it's allowed for titles to cross over challenges, and I'm aiming for the lowest levels.

Продължние на предизвикателствата - този път читателски. Досега се бях включила в две предизвикателства - Планината за четене и предизвикатлството Сър Тери Пратчет, сега реших да добавя още няколко. Не е чак толкова зле, колкото изглежда, защото е разрешно едно заглавие да се брои в няколко предизвикателства, и навсякъде съм се прицелила в най-лесното ниво.

Here are they:

Are you one of those book lovers who receive lots of books for presents? Have unread books lying around that you won in giveaways, received as ARCs, were given second hand, or even found lying around in the street! Then you might want to join in this challenge because we’re aiming to read all those unread books received as freebies in some form.
I'm aiming for the lowest level, For Me? – Choose 5 books to read
Първо е предизвикателството "Безплатни книги", което включва всички четива, които са получени като подаръци, или под някаква друга форма, стига да са безплатни. Включвам се на най-ниското ниво : "За мене?" - 5 книги

I'm doing it the lazy way:
Make a list on your blog from A-Z. Throughout the year, as you go along, add the books you are reading to the list. Hope that by the end of the year you have read one book for each letter. Towards the end of the year, you can check and see which letters you are missing and find books to fit.

I plan to put to alphabet lists, in English and Bulgarian. I wonder where I'll gather more checked letters, as it all depend on how the title is translated. And our alphabet has more letters than the English one, although I'm not sure I'll be able to find books for some of them

Следва Азбучното предизвикателство. Нго ще го правя по мързеливия вариант - пускам лист с азбуката и докато чета добавям заглавията към съответната буква с надждата накрая да излязат. Смятам да пусна азбуки на български и английски, и да видим коя ще има накрая повече попълнени места :D
And last comes the Reading Challenge Adict

Reading Challenge Addict

I'm ntring on level
  • Easy as Pie: 1-5 Challenges (Entered & Completed)

with 4 challenges for now.

I'll add the buttons to the side probably tomorrow if I survive the biochemistry. Progress on all of these will be noted on the Reading report page

I hope you had fun with these challnges, especially Jodie who commented on wanting to check them just now while I was writing this post. :) I have the same problem with challenges as you Jodie, but as you see that didn't stop me, lol!

If anyone joins some of these, or others I'd be happy to know and follow their progress !
И накрая е предизвикателството за предизвикателства! - Включвам се отново на най-лесното с надеждата да изпълня и четирите предизвикателства, които си харесах засега!

Ако някой се присъедини към тези, или към други, ще ми е много интересно да следя :) А пък ако някой се сеща за интересна стиймпънк книга, преведена на български, ще съм много благодарна, ако ми посочи заглавие!

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missy-tannenbaum каза...

Good luck with your reading challenges! I'm not in one, but set a goal of 75 books for the year for myself on Shelfari and am at 9 right now. :S It says I'm on pace, but it's hard not to feel behind!

mdgtjulie каза...

You have a lot of challenges. I'm not in any, but I read a LOT of books. Almost one a day. And on some days, when I have trouble sleeping, I get lots more done.

Julie каза...

Good luck with your reading challenges.I love reading but i'm not in any myself.
And good luck with the Biochemistry.

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