сряда, януари 18, 2012

Why is it?...

Why is it when
I'm halfaway through
Creative joys diminish.
It's more fun to start a piece
Than it ever is to finish!

That's, like, the story of all of my stitchings. I can't help but wonder whether I'll continue stitching on this piece now that I removed it from the loop, or I'll pick something else...

These last ten days was my exam session, so I didn't have much time for crafting. I worked mostly the night after my first exam because I thought I deserved it on order to switch from one subject matter to the other, and today, after my last. This will probably be my first and last uni exam session where I score excellent notes on all subjects, but for now I'm on the happy wave and plan a lot of stitching endeavours, especially given that the IHSW is this weekend. I really might stick with the Why is it? because of the flowerish border and I want to try and do the Theme-a licious


Последните десетина дни беше изпитната сесия и освен за четене (учебно) нямаше много време за друго. Върху Why is it? обаче ми остана време да поработя вечерта след първия изпит, малко като почивка при смяната на курса от един предмет на друг; и тази вечер, след последния изпит. Това сигурно ще си остане първата и последна сесия, която изкарвам само с шестици, но това в момента няма значение, защото предстои една хубава дълга междусеместриална ваканция :))) IHSW е този уикенд, и през него сигурно ще довърша Why is it? или нещо друго цветно, за да хвана и условията за Theme-a licious


5 коментара:

Reaper каза...

Lovely poem. It's so true too, though I'm also not sure why :-)

I hope your exams went well and that you can get back to some stitching again.

Caiella / Christine каза...

Loving this, it's so true for me too =) Hope your exams went well!!

Tiki каза...

This is a great piece and I look forward to seeing more of it whenever you decide to work on it.
Glad you made it through your exams.

Joysze каза...

Hehehe, I, on the other hand, hate to start. Once I get to the middle, then it's all smooth sailing.

Happy hermitting this weekend. :D

Mangogirl каза...

lovely project :D very true too :D

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