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January Wipocalypse check-in

So, it's time for the first Wipocalypse post for the year! Getting excited!
As I posted these previous days some progress on projects that are in the wipocalypse list, I'll use that clause where it's stated we can use links. I'm pretty sure I saw it somewhere, even though now I can't find it.
Now this is my Wipocalypse list, I added one more and it's Death as the Hogfather! I've been dying to stitch it for some time now, but wasn't sure if I want to add another big project to the list. But when I checked it this weekend, it turned it's not as big as I thought it was, so here we go! I've also decided I'll add to my wipocalypse list projects that are meant to stay at home/or for family, and not ones I make for presents and such, because they're usually smaller, I decide on them at the last moment, when it's just not appropriate to add them, and because I decided to be selfish this year and try stitching more for myself *mwahahaha* Last year I gave away most of my finished works, some of them I didn't even have the take to take a picture of.
Anyway, here's what we got:
  • Spring in Japan (Mylena Style)
  • Steam Punk fairy (Haed) - I'm seriously thinking of restarting this project, because I'm not very happy with the fabric
  • Tree of Stitches (Abi Gurden)
  • The great escape (Abi Gurden)
  • One sheep open sleigh (Waxing moon)
  • Storykeeper Storykeep (haed) - here - working on the bottom page with a little black added from the middle page. About 3000 stitches done
  • Mirror, mirror (Abbey Lane Designs)
  • The Hogsfather (Lysdisfarne)
  • Why is it? (The Cricket Collection) - here is something I haven't shown you yet!

6 коментара:

demeter83 каза...

Oh wow, you're working on the Hogfather by Lindisfarne, I love that chart. I did Errol and Cassanunda a few years back and they were lovely to stitch. I really want to do Death, Mort and Susan. And I keep hoping that someone will chart Family Values.
Happy stitching, can't wait to see your progress on all of these.

Joysze каза...

I like the piece you're working on. Looking forward to see your progress on the other pieces as well. :D

Ziggyeor каза...

What Hogsfather? As in Terry Pratchett (No new patterns, no new patterns, no new patterns)

Love the progress I can't wait to see your pieces!

Ziggyeor каза...

Oh dear thank you for sharing the link to the pattern. It's really very very tempting. What is the Terry Pratchett reading challenge? I'm sure I've read just about everything disc world related.

Dani - tkdchick каза...

Quite a lits of projects best of luck getting them done!

Zvetanka Shahanska каза...

Топчо, пак много задачи си си поставила. Надявам се, че като завършиш японската пролет, ще я покажеш и другите също:)))Поздрави и успех!
Topcho, however many tasks you have set. I hope that finishing Japanese spring, we will show and others too:))) Greetings and good luck!

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