четвъртък, март 10, 2011


Like Welcome, oh welcome!

I have planned to combine my next post with my progress on my next Bleach chibi, but given the number of new followers, I thought it will have to wait!

So I'm saying welcome to...

ankmanpro on Alpha Beta Life

Karyn of A Riot Patch of Pixels

Amy on amy's place

and Zombie on Zombies Everywhere!

I hope I'll be able to keep up with all of your blogs, because they're all a pretty interesting read!

3 коментара:

ankmanpro каза...

Hey thanks for the welcome! Check back often, I got lots of stuff to write !

Con Queso каза...

lol, I hope you don't get a huge surge of followers one day...that'll be a huge post -_-

Karyn каза...

Thank you for your kind welcome. I have been reading through your blog and enjoying your stitching. =]

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