четвъртък, юли 29, 2010

Puffle pattern two

Maybe you've guessed from the title that, as promissed, this post is dedicated to the next puffle pattern. Without further delay, here it is :
Again, full freedom for choosing the colours. But if by chance you happen to stitch it, show a piccu, yes? :3
After I dig up and post on the blog, I'll probably send them into a nice zip pack towards the 1337xstitch site or forum. Which seemed kinda dead to me whan I visited it yesterday. I thought there would be tons of new stuff there for the time I was missing. Hope it'll come back to life eventually.
Ако някой - евентулно- използва схемата, една снимчица на резултата ще направи Топчо много щастлива :3

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Kttycat каза...

It has been really quiet on 1337.

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