сряда, юли 21, 2010


Right on the point : Phew! My exams are finally over and now I can go back to everything I've been denying myself those last months because of the studying! I have piles of books to read, movies to watch, and craft to do, lol ^___^
For now I have the results of the biology exams, and one of the chemistry. For the first university (Sofia) I have 5.50, and for the second (Varna) again 5.50. In the third one, in Pleven, I have 4.68 biology and 4.75 chemistry - oh my, I couldn't believe I have higher note on the chemisty - I thought I totally failed on this. Now I'm waiting for the rest of the results. Although 5.50 of 6.00 isn't a bad result for the biology, everything depends on the chemistry now. Well, I'll wait and see I guess.
I can go on with this theme, but I guess you're already sick of me talking only about it. One last thing - thanks to everyone, who wished me luck! (big virtual hug!)

Finally with some free time, I wasn't sure what to start with, but in the end I decided to begin with a big project. I wanted to try to stitch something bigger, and frame it. Good, but it took me some time, to chose which project exactly! I had several on wait, but in the end I picked the Japanese Spring kit I showed you in the last post. (one of the reasons for it was that it's a full kit, and I have to buy floss for the other ones)
So I started it today! :D
It's 12 squares on 9 and every square is 20x20 stitches, but it's needlepoint so it should be faster that full stitches. I usually prefer the full stitches and the aida, but almost all full kits in Bulgaria are for needlepoint (that's why I usually buy the materials separately)
But I started it today and it's so pleasent to work on it ^___^ Lol, and since it has more stitches, now I can make myslef one of those stitch counters I've seen on the blogs, yay!

Other thing I must do is clean my room >.< Put everything in order. I have to think were to put all the bio& chemistry stuff.
After the exams in the end of 7th grade for entering a high school, this is what I did with the essays I wrote through the year:
Hooray for papier-mâché! Dad has been keeping it in Varna, for five years the paint has fained a little, but I think it still looks good! ;P I wanted to do the same, but my parents told me to wait a little, lol! XD

Well, I wanted to say some other things, but as usually, have forgotten them. I guess they weren't that important anyway. Have nice summer days everyone ^___^

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