петък, юли 23, 2010

Killing dust bunnies and trying various stuff

Those dust bunnies have gone to a better place, I'm sure of it.
As a result, now my room is cleaner that it has been for the whole last semester. *here I wrote a whole paragraph listing what I've trown away and various exam complaints, be happy I deleted it XP *
As I was tidying I tried some fast stuff:
First was a little try in decoupage. I was storing some folders and had the sudden urge to glue something on one

I used the cover of an old notebook. I loved the covers of these notebooks so didn't throw them away (kept the covers only) although I had absolutely no idea if I can use them for something. I have this problem, sometimes keeping things that >might< be of use. Anyway it seemed like a good idea and I had decoupage lacquer and glue. I peeled the upper layer with the picture from the thick cardboard and covered the whole thing generously with the lacquer.
Second is Rub-ons After getting the pretty jar with the butterfly rub ons from Cat, I thought it looks awesome. And then I got two sheets of rub-ons as a present. So I have them, and I had my previous TUSAL jar, and decided to try. It was...
Exhausting! >.<""""
My, it's so hard to transfer them on the glass, especially compared to the paper! I was able to rub only two before giving up >.>

I may add more on the other sides of the jar if I decide that my strength has recovered.

Also, I've been trying to put some order in my folders with pattern I have on the computer. It's a total, absolute mess. I have no idea where I've saved the half of it, and whenever I want to find something, I'm absolutely lost. How do you store the patterns you have? I'm not sure how to classify them. First I tried to classify them by designer/site they come from. With folders like "Dork Stitch", or "Dawn", or "Brabara Ana" I pretty much know what I'll find in there. But - there were too many sites and designers with very various works so I couldn't associate certain name with the content, and too many lonesome patterns were going to the folder "Others". Result - can't find what I search for! Then I tried separating the themes, but this too was quite hard to do, as one pattern can fit several categories - it can feature bunnies, and babies, and hearts - which theme should I chose as a main one? Often the result was a big folder named "Personage human/animal" with everything in it >.>>>
I've been thinking how to put some order, and I've been thinking of using a tagging program. Like this, one pattern can fit several criteria. I've checked some such programs, but the one thing I didn't like about them, is that they were location based. Like this if move the files, I will lose the tags, and I was hoping to be able to freely move, and copy the files to another computer, without losing such data. Like the music tags in Winamp - they're in the file, and the program can read them doesn't matter on which computer they have been created, or where on the disk are they now...
I'm still wondering what to do, so if you share any ideas, I'll be very grateful!

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Kttycat каза...

Lol with the rub ons are you using the tip of your stick? I don't seem to find them too hard. I love doing rub ons. I'm glad you found some time to clean your room. My house needs it badly but it's been way to hot!!! The zebras are cute and I tend to be a pack rat when it comes to certain things too.

Emily каза...

Your jar is adorable!! I love it!

Dawn каза...

I love doing decoupage!!
I have 3 wooden boxes I must do.
They need to be stained or painted first- I will get to them one of these days!!


Привет Нина! Разбрах името ти от последния коментар - да си жива и здрава и ти , много успехи и вдъхновение ти желаая! Благодаря ти за милите пожелания към внучката! Макар и да не знам английски, с помощта на чичо Гугъл си преведох твои постове. В последния все едно говориш за мен, моите папки, моят компютър - пълен хаос и каквото търся...трудно го намирам. Ако откриеш метод за подреждане.....дано го споделиш!
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