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Top lists - rough draft

I got inspired form a guy whose profile I saw on Anime-Planet, zRO. He gave me a lot of ideas and most important, determination to finally do some lists, something I was planning to do for ages.
So here's the rough version... I think I overdid some parts... ^^"

GACKT top 5
1 Returner
2 Redemption
3 Metarmophoze
4 Lust for blood
5 Mizerable

Songs that didn't make it to the top:Megurai, December Love Song I still love them very much!

Anime Opening Top 5
1 ALONES (Bleach)
2 Change the world ( InuYasha)
3 Stray (Wolf's rain)
4 Tabi no Tochuu (Spice and Wolf)
5 Hero's come back (Naruto Shippuuden)

Anime Endings Top 5
1Hitohira no Hanabira (bleach)
2 Zetsubou Billy (Death note)
3 Fukai Mori (Inuyasha)
4 Mou sukoshi (Midori no Hibi)
5 Wind (Naruto

Other Jsongs top 5
1Aqua Timez - Isshun no Chiri
2Nightmare - Raison d'etre
3SOUL d'out - 1 000 000 Monsters attack
4L'arc-en-ciel - Loreley
5 YUI - Love and Truth

Anime Top 5
1 Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
2 Bleach
3 Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children
4 Rurouni Kenshin - Tsuiokuhen
5 Wolf's rain
~~~ In case that someone's interested. Why isn't Naruto part of my top 5? One word: FILLERS. Lots of, lots of stupid fillers. C'monq remember the curry of life? Or those episodes when they were serching for that bug that Naruto almost killed in the end by farting? And the laughing Shino? And it was the good part of the fillers. >.< style="font-style: italic;"> Habatai tara, modorenai ....)

Manga top 5\
1 Ludwig no Kakumei
2 Naruto
3 DOGS: Bullets and Carnage
4 Ranma 1/2
5 Seimaden

Male charater Top MANY
2 Byakuya
3 Sesshomaru
-Hitsugaya Toushiro
-Ichinaru Gin
-Grimmjow Jaegerjack
-Abarai Renji
[Death note]+
[Devil May Cry]+
[Final Fanrasy]+
-Vincent Valantine
[Fruits basket]+
[Jigoku Shoujo]+
-Ichimoku Ren
[Petshop of horrors]+
-Count D
[Rurouni Kenshin]+
-Saito Hajime
- Himura Kenshin
[Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge]+
[Yami no Matsuei]+
- Tsuzuki Asato
[Wolf's rain]+
-Sebastian Michaelis
-Seto Kaiba
[Ludwig no Kakumei]

Female Character Top5
1 Nakahara Sunako (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge)
2 Honda Tohru (Fruits basket)
3 Hyuga Hinata (Naruto)
4 Kasugano Midori (Midori no Hibi)
5. Shihouin Yoruichi (Bleach)

Bleach character songs Top5
1 Kuchiki Byakuya - Yozora no Kawa
2 Aizen Sousuke - Kyoka Suigetsu
3 Ichinaru Gin ft Matsumoto Rangiku - Fuyu no Hanabi
4 Grimmjow Jaegerjack - BrEak
5Kuchiki Byakuya ft Kuchiki Rukia - Listen to one story

Top 5 Zanpaktou
1 Kuchiki Byakuya - Senbonzakura
2 Hitsugaya Touchiro - Hyorinmaru
3Izuru Kira - Wabisuke
4 Kurosaki Ichigo - Zangetsu
5Aizen Sousuke - Kyoka Suigetsu
AMV Top5
1 Pokich Trauer (Akross com 2007)
Wolf's rain, Kiba & Cheza. Because of this AMV I decided I want to watch Wolf's rain. You have no idea how much I cried when I watched it for first time. Ant till now, it still is one of the saddest and most touching AMVs ever.
2 SVS studio - "Spoil"
Death note
3 Between two worlds
Wow once again
4 Excel Pop Up
lol, matching lyrics
5Love is possible MEP
Crossover yey!
Солнце (мир без озона)
awesomness. amazing idea XD

Top 5 Naruto AMV's
1.Itachi's story: One that was never forgiven
2 Face to face remorse
3 Patience
4 How to save a life
5 Hall on mig
Is my Akatsuki fangirlship way too obvious?
I'd like to find similar AMVs to Bleach too...

вторник, март 24, 2009


Happy birthday dear! I wish you lots and lots of happines and luck and let all your dreams come true. Yeah and I also wish you to get as a birthday present your own Haine ];) I was wandering what to make as a present as I'm sooo lame when it comes to drawing and such. So I decided to make you some Winamp skins :) Hope you like them ^^" At least Haine looks sexy... um, but he looks sexy always

Link for download : MediaFire

Link for download: MediaFire

Link for Download:Mediafire
And as dessert some Badou :) Because, as it can be seen, this is the right part of the upper picture

Link for download: MediaFire

Ummm so, hope you like them. And hope they work right. And I uploaded them on Mediafire, hope it's fine too (I hope too many things, ne? >.<") So with one word I hope I didn't mess anything.

Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures! I've just googled them. The DOGS manga belongs to Miwa Shirou and the pics to whoever draw them

неделя, март 15, 2009

Happy knitting-versary to me!!!

Um, so, it officially makes one year of knitting. I don't remember the exact date, but on 15th March last year I wrote that a made "my first knitted piece" . So happy knittingversary (or knit-a-versary) to me!
I'll be having some Itachi cake now ^^

петък, март 06, 2009

March! ^____^

I like March. Mainly because of the beatiful tradition we have. I'm not sure if it exists in other counties but here on 1st of March we gave to all our friends bracelets or pins (those are most populat but there are many other forms of what we call MARTENITSA) made of white and red thread. They're synbold of health, happiness and of the upcoming spring. Then we wear them till we see for the first time in the spring migratory birds coming back from the South.
Last year I made myself martenitsi for my friends and family but this year I couldn't. T_T Although I search for the best patterns back in January and started this one.
But still, I had so much work I couldn't finish it :(

Anyway, even if you buy them, it still is fun! Here are some of the martenitsi I got this year:

One of them coloured my hand in pink, but no big deal :) I even got one on my phone!
But this one is definitely my favourite! A tiny Deidara making his jutsu! Art is bang!

WIP - rabbit

I finished the knitting, now comes the hard part - I wanna make clothes. And then... follow the black rabbit ]:) The white thread on the front marks where the nose would be


and head
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