вторник, март 24, 2009


Happy birthday dear! I wish you lots and lots of happines and luck and let all your dreams come true. Yeah and I also wish you to get as a birthday present your own Haine ];) I was wandering what to make as a present as I'm sooo lame when it comes to drawing and such. So I decided to make you some Winamp skins :) Hope you like them ^^" At least Haine looks sexy... um, but he looks sexy always

Link for download : MediaFire

Link for download: MediaFire

Link for Download:Mediafire
And as dessert some Badou :) Because, as it can be seen, this is the right part of the upper picture

Link for download: MediaFire

Ummm so, hope you like them. And hope they work right. And I uploaded them on Mediafire, hope it's fine too (I hope too many things, ne? >.<") So with one word I hope I didn't mess anything.

Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures! I've just googled them. The DOGS manga belongs to Miwa Shirou and the pics to whoever draw them

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