петък, март 06, 2009

March! ^____^

I like March. Mainly because of the beatiful tradition we have. I'm not sure if it exists in other counties but here on 1st of March we gave to all our friends bracelets or pins (those are most populat but there are many other forms of what we call MARTENITSA) made of white and red thread. They're synbold of health, happiness and of the upcoming spring. Then we wear them till we see for the first time in the spring migratory birds coming back from the South.
Last year I made myself martenitsi for my friends and family but this year I couldn't. T_T Although I search for the best patterns back in January and started this one.
But still, I had so much work I couldn't finish it :(

Anyway, even if you buy them, it still is fun! Here are some of the martenitsi I got this year:

One of them coloured my hand in pink, but no big deal :) I even got one on my phone!
But this one is definitely my favourite! A tiny Deidara making his jutsu! Art is bang!

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