понеделник, юли 27, 2009

Tachi, will miss ya! Tachi, will never forget ya!

So, today, I changed tje blog layout. I got the skin from:
Leelou Blogs
And I'm very happy with how it looks! Although there still are things to be done. But I'll be missing the pic of Itachi up there ;( He's been with me since I started the blog, since the very beginning. Nya, poor Tachi, being forgotten by everyone! I still love ya!
*Trying to get out of the fangirlship mood, but that's hard, especially because I watched anime almost whole day. While knitting. A scarf. Big fat winter scarf while it's fraking hot outside but hey, I want it finished for the winter after all!* Strangely, I'm kinda in writing mood now, but better stop because it's 3 after midnight and I really can't be hold responsible for my orthography, what left for the grammar.

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