неделя, юли 26, 2009

I wonder...

This blog is being kinda dead lately. I'm almost not writing here and sometimes I wonder why I'm not giving up on it.
Actually it is a real miracle that it's stil not completely dead as it has turned clear that I'm not the blogging type. I didn't want my blog to be like a copy of my DA. I was planning to post here all the things I made even those I don't post on Da and speak more on them. And write about other things as well. But due to my constant lack of time my perfect plan has failed. And I'm sure not many people are visiting this lost place, Then why, I wonder, I keep on writing in English. I suppose I'm making a lot os mistakes, at least much more than when I'm writing on my own language. But it is also truth that when on the Internet I'm much more on various international sites than on bulgarian. So the chance of someone coming from there is slightly bigger. Stil, lol, I'm curious if I'm having at least ten random visitors per month. Maybe I should consider putting a counter just for the fun.
But even though there are so many points of " Why I shoul give up on blogging" it still is useful sometimes. Like when I neede to post somewhere Kaena-chan's bday present. And I was pretty surprised when I friend praised me on scype about the stuff on my blog. I didn't give her the link, she has found it herself. Ok, that happened only once but I still was happy.
So the final sentence is: the bla-bla blog ( that changed quite a lot names till now) is to continue living. I'll try going a little more lively. That probably means that there will be several posts one after another and then dead silence again. But oh well, however...

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