сряда, март 12, 2008

The firstborn post

Ok, here I go. My very very first post I'm . I'm not that kind of people that write in diary or something, andnot sure if I'll be able to keep this blog for long. But I'll try! Honest! Here, I want to write about the things I like - and they are many - starting from manga and anime, to knitting and making bracelets, about my everyday life and etc. And maybe when I'm angry, I'll complain about the things I don't like=
And something else about my writing here - sometimes I may write in English, sometimes in Bulgarian, or French. Why? Well. it's just my way. I'm studing in a French lycé
e, so you can say it's a practice. (this also means that I'll be probably making mistakes, but I don't really care.)

Um... Ok, this was all for the first one ^^

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