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What I got from the post - a Yiota's stitch kit!

Squee! I finally was able to got the kit from the post! XD Now, my darlings, this year I spared you of book review, but what about a cross stitch kit review, lol?

As I announced in the title, it's pretty clear that what I got today was a Yiota's stitch (yiotas-xstitch.com) kit. This is a business based in UK, and on their site they offer a great diversity of cross stitched patterns. Fantasy fan - you're covered. More of a Jane Austin girl - Mr Darcy's waiting for you. Something classy and victorian, or a funky style patterns, you can find it :D I can go on and on, but I want to mention one thing I noticed while browsing the site, that made a really good impression - how international friendly it is. I don't know if it happened to you, but i hate the feeling when I really love something somewhere, and they don't ship to my country (or alternatively - whenever I want to feel out of this world, I can spend 15 min on youtube and you bet I'l get a video that can't be played, because obviously I live in Narnia or somewhere of its neibourhood) Anyway, not only their shop ships everywhere, but for a first time I saw on a cross stitch site a handy currency checker, that has I think every currency on the world (not only dollars/euro/pounds) and it is very useful to be able to check how exactly something would cost you. Also, you have a lot of freedom when choosing - you can get a whole kit, a printed chart, or e-mailed chart; pick aida or evenwave, use DMC or Madeira. I was thinking, that in order all to be super cool, it'd be nice if number of threads was listed along with the chart info. I've seen this on some places, and think it's really useful. One, you can really judge how difficult a pattern will be (a rather big piece with less colours can prove easier than a smaller one full of confetti),  and two, if you're aware of the colours needed, it will be easier to decide if you want the whole kit, or you have supplies for it and need just the pattern

After a long time spent on the Yiota's stitch site, and falling in love with Erin Ewer's art, I finally picked one chart, called Black Orchid. I think this fairy kinda looks like my SP, they might be related, lol!  And this is what I recieved today!
Ain't she a pretty, too?
It was packed in a sturdy solid envelope with a "Don't bend" sign on the top. And when I say solid, I mean it, probably even if they were to try and bend it, they wouldn't succeed, even my greedy hands couldn'd when I grabbed it after waiting the whole weekend! XD
Inside it was packed in a clear bag, containing the pattern, fabric, needle. threads and a picture of the craft. The picture is how the finished cross stitch would look, not the orginal artwork. It is also presented with the "real stitches"option if I'm not mistaken. if you've used a pattern viewer program, then maybe you know that a patter can be previewed with colour squares or with little crosses, for more realistic look.
The pattern itself is printed on two A3 sheets. I am usually a fan of the A4, mostly because of the satisfaction you feel when you finish a page. But they are not that big and too hard to handle (someday I should show you how pattern in magazines come here XD) It's printed on a high quality paper, not ordinary printer paper (that can be bad, because colours can bleed through, depending on how you mark your stitches), but it's not too glossy either (which is also not nice, because light can shine and make it difficult to see, and it's harder to mark the stitched with colour pencils). Only whole stitches are used and the symbols are cgosen wisely. There aren't any similar symbols, so no danger to mess colours. Also, bolder symbols are used for darker shades, and you can actually see the picture when you look at the pattern, and not just a bunch of signs.

I could choose between aida 14, 16 and evenwave, and choose  aida 16. the piece is nice and huge, more than enough to make every framer happy, and with a needle pinned in one of the sides. Thank God, it wasn't sharp. I just don't now why sometimes they add sharp sewing needles in cross stitch kit. I for one don't like blood on my stitching.
There is a set of instructions, where everything is nicely explained. When reading it, I had the feeling I'm actually communicating with someone, or reading a blog, lol it was fun to read about those little hands and paws! :D And, even if I don't think of myself as a newbie stitched anymore, there were some useful tricks - I've never thought of using paper tissue like reccomended, but I will give it a try!
Oh, and the thread. Bobbins. Yay for the bobbins! This is by far my most prefered way of storing my thread. I don't like the thread organizers of the type that comes with Dimensions for example. The truth is in the bobbins. The floss used is Madeira, I've stitched with it only once before, but really liked it, The colours are rich, and it is easy and pleasent to work with. DMC alternatives are also given.
One tiny little thing I noticed, that is not a big of mistake, but on the kit cover, the size of the pattern is not given correctly in stitches, and this messes up the other mesurements in inches too. This more of a not, because the fabric is more than enough, no need to worry about it, and when you open the pattern, you can see the exact side.
So, in conclusion, a pretty art, turned into a nice pattern, and in a kit with everything you need to start stitching right away.
And so this is what I did, Buuut, I've been waiting whole weekend for it, and thinking of it, and so on! So this evening I grabbed my soluble pen and charted the fabric, and put a couple of stitches!
And so, here comes my third start this month. Doctor, how bad it is XD
I think that instead in Christmas in July, I'm making a Crazy January in May. Ah, anyway. A girl deserves some fun, especially given that the exam session is drawing closer, and I won't have much time for craft then.
This week I'll be having another package to show you - with beads! But I promise, I won't be starting it! Yet. XD

I hope the week started good for all of you!

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cucki каза...

Aww such a sweet kit..I love it x

Anne каза...

Great review Nina! I like how she ships everywhere. ARen't her kits lovely?! I got a Gustav Klimt one and still need to start it...once I'm done with my other big projects I'll whip it out :D

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