понеделник, юни 14, 2010


It arrived!!! The stuff from the giveaway! Thank you sooo much, Cat, all the stuff is AWESOME!!!

The fabrics are unique - how did you get them coloured so good! *love* But I think my favourite part is the angel

And as you can see, I'm already using the new TUSAL jar!

In your card (which is just as amazing as the rest!) you ask me to enjoy it! Lol, be sure I do!!! I'm still in happiness shock actually, so I can't explain how gratefull and everything I am! :DDDD

I took my sister with me, because she wanted to go and buy herself copic markers and she wanted me to show her the shop. And.. it's not like I left the shop without buying anything for myself, either.

The last set of stickers are Rub-ons and are present from the shop :P I love the panda-cream! There's a cat-cake somewhere above too. The nurse bunny is love too. There were two of them, now one is on the cover of the folder with my organic chemistry themes.

Fimo. Something I always wanted to try.

Felt, ribbons and brads. Can't resist.

Those are form the Armstrong Centre. I've been to this place before, but actually didn't know they had some of this stuff. This is because the shop is divided and the funny part is hidden away! Good thing I found out!

This is from the sewing shop. From the moment I saw this in the latest issue of the magazine, I knew I had to have it. I love this design and CAN"T WAIT to be able to stitch it. So tempting... (sob sob sob)

In the shop they didn't have pretty pins. That's why I made an order and just got an email that it should be in the post tomorrow afternoon. With all of this, you can say that I behaved very very badly. But my punishment is that I'm not allowed to touch all of this for more than month from now. Cruel... I'm putting all of this in a big cardboard box and waiting for all the madness to come to an end.
Talking about the madness, this is what is filling my time lately:

Actally this is the chemistry and those days I've been studying more biology. No good, I'm behind >.<"""" And as I journal-ed in DA, I got my diplome. Apart from the slightly annoying average grade of 5.94 of 6.00 (not fair - 5 years I've been getting 6.00 on 18 subjects and just because of the matura... grr however, lol)Apart, I'm very happy about it - and it's so blue and pretty ^^ The other sheet is certificate for excelent results. The diplome has an extra sheet for the personal characterization - lol, we had loads of fun reading what the teachers had written about all the points - preserving the nature, team work etc. ;D

P.S. I got the stuff I ordered from BGArts
I stubled by chance on this site and fell in looove with the ribbons - and the pins. A month ago I went from one sewing shop to another to find some pretty pins for embelishment, but alas. Those were perfect ]:D

I'm so seeing some of this stuff on a biscornu. One of the pins seems crooked, but no big deal, I think I can fix it.
This was actually my very first time ordering stuff from the Internet - but as I said, I fell in love and couldn't miss the chance. the delivery and everything from the site was super fast :D I think I can get hooked to this - lol!

Lol this is it! Sorry for the extremely picture heavy post! And thank you again, Cat, for everything! And not on last place - for the excuse to blog! Have a great week everyone :D

вторник, юни 01, 2010

Matura/bac results are out

I'm still not sure how to properly call those exams in English, but I guess you're getting what it is about.
The maximum is 6.00
and I have 5.75 on Bulgarian language and litterature
and 5.89 on French
I thought the Bulgarin note would be higher, lol

The first ones are done with but the worst part is yet to come. It'll be much much harder XP
I gave myself today as a free day because 1st of June is Children Day yet I didn't get to have a baloon T___T

Also I was literally forced to make myself facebook account, because all of my classmates are mean and couldn't find time to send me photos from the prom. This site is total mess, at least it seems so to me now. I don't get how half of the things should be done, including how to get proper link to my profile. At least I got how to search with the email address. If someone dares to find me there too, my email is ninniv@abv.bg. Well you can use the email for other things too (like spying kukuku }:D)
In any case if I ever make myself farm there, feel free to shoot me, knife me, hit me with various object or use any way of violence that suits you.
For now I'll just go and steal some more photos, for this is the only reason I joined, and then will go to sleep, because the studying continues tomorrow.
bb and thake care :)
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