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Spring update + tag

As said, I finished the second page of the Spring, so it's time for piccu update, and for fish (above) update too
I'm almost done with those little white flowers, and God, am I happy!!!
Тъй като свършх втората страница от пролетта, време е за ъпдейт в картинки, а също и за ъпдейт в риби (рибата горе, която показва как напредвам в бодове по проекта). Почти съм свършила с всичките цвтенца, и бъдете уверени, че съм повече от щастлива от това!

I also got tagged by Prncess Sousue. The tag is with pretty weird questions, some of them I didn't get, but I thought it still be polite to do it. And besides, it has that clause, stating that if you don't like a question, you can replace it.
So here I go:

firstly , if you've been tagged , you must write yours answer in your own blog and replace any question that you dislike with a new , original question .
secondly , tag eight people .
don't refuse to do that , don't tag people who tagged you .

1. who sleeps in bed next to you ?
Noone. But if I later got a room mate, there will be some sleeping in the bed mext to mine, if this is somethng

2. do you ever lied to a boyfriend/girlfriend to get out of somethings ?
I did lied to friends when I want to get out of something, yes

~3. What was the last song you've listened to?
Three Days Grace - I don't care

4. best day of the week ?

5. what's really creepy ?
Little girls with ragged teddies, chanting weird songs, clowns, those ralking dolls - someone is watching too much, right. Even Hannah Montana doesn't help. Oh, and puffles choking hip bones

6. what's your current fandom / obsession / addiction ?
BLEACH! yeah, manga, anime craft, the usual suspects. And right now, CHARMED

~7. What is the colour of your favourite pajamas
Pink and blue

8. what did you eat for break fast today ?
Some kind of sandwich

9. Is your place tidy or messy?
Not messy, just a Chaos dominion

10. what was the last things you bought ?
A book, the second book of the series about Charlie and the Chocolate factory

11. what was the cuttest thing you've seen recently ?
The cup that my sister bought as bday present. It has a glamour sheep posing for photo session on it

12. does the cute things affect your mood ?

13. what is your zodiac sign ?

14. do you want to learn other skills ?
Of course I do. Starting with the skills I'll need for the uni, up to the desire to learn to crochet, first in my "Crafty skills I want to aquire" list

15. 5 things you can't live without ?
-the classic stuff lie food, air, etc
-SLEEP. I love to sleep and I always need my daily beuty sleep even without the beauty part
-my weekly animanga dose
-my weekly crafty dose
-friends, family, puffles, etc

16. if you could meet anyone now , who would you meet ?
Someone that will let me die as a happy fangirl. Byakuya will do XD

17. what's somethings you'd to say to someone right now ?
Just to let
you know that I;m terribly sleepy and can't be held responsible for what I write

18. what are you looking forward to ?
To go to sleep? To the next weekend? To getting some cake?

19. say something to the person who tagged you ?
I'm definitelt not the best person to tag, but I did my best

I've changed question 3, 7 and 9, because I totally didn't get what they were about. I'm not tagging anyone, because from my watchers, I can't point a person, I'll be 100 % sure would enjoy doing this tag. So I'm leaving it open and feel free to do it!

5 коментара:

Janaina каза...

My knowledge about animanga is.... zero. =(
Could you educate me here? Maybe pointing me some link or vid or...? I would love to learn more. =)

Dawn каза...

Your cross stitch is looking good!!
Are your happy to be stitching page by page??? I seem to be happier to be doing it that way now. Makes it feel like your finishing something!!

Нети каза...

Възхищавам се на търпението ти (особено с тези малки цветенца)! Гоблени са част от нещата, които харесвам изключително много, но предполагам, че никога няма да се заема да правя.
А на теб поздравления! Ще се радвам да го видя завършен :).

Zvetanka Shahanska каза...

Толкова е красиво с тези малки, бели цветчета. Поздрави за това така красиво твое хоби:)))

Denise каза...

Hi - stopped by to see what you stitch! It looks to be a big one. I am stitching a pattern with 45,600 stitches. I seem to be getting nowhere fast. :(

Thanks for following me - Smiles - Denise

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