вторник, април 14, 2009

Will work for bamboo


I've been wanting to make a paper craft since forever! Since 5th grade maybe cause this was when we stopped making paper crafts at school and started working with metal, wood and such not-lovely materials. And I gound great patterns on the web.
And finally I made something! And I hope that this will be only the beginning and I'll make more paper models :D
Mr Panda took me about 1o minutes to make - it's such an easy pattern and in teh same time, so amazingly cute! Just stare into his cute, sad eyes, and give him all the (bamboo) doughnuts.
Mr Panda is part of the Endangered species made by Craig Russel
The other patterns from the serie are a tiger and a polar bear. They are cute too, so maybe I'll try making them too.
But what is most important is that those crafts really make you think... even for a little. For myself I will say that I will never ever buy bamboo yarn.

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