петък, април 17, 2009

Book cover

This is the cover for the notebook where I mark all of my tasks and exams. I made this last Monday and in bad mood (really bad) so I didn't really care about the seams. But you're lucky and on the photo they can't be spoted (at least I hope so). That thing in the middle is supposed to be Sixth squad's flower sign - tsubaki/camellia. I haven't planned to put it on, it was a last moment decision. I suppose under the united influence of Bleach (Bya!) and Sei Shonagon's Pillow book that I read.
But everything is better than the original colour - the most disgusting shade of green I've ever seen (but the notebook itself is very handy)
It took me (time calculated in music albums)
:bulletred: iViva La Cobra!
:bulletred: While the city sleeps we rool the streets
:bulletred: Rock legends (that ruined the happy mood I was able to build up listening to Cobra Starship. This album was filled with sad ballads - bad choice in the case)
:bulletred: and some anime radio for dessert

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