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Theme-a-licious March (and general) plans

 March Madness
Work on something different every day...it's madness...of the funnest possible kind.
 The theme for March is madness. This is actually one of my fav month's themes, because you have freedom with the theme. Last year I was quite surprized to find out that the March madness had nothing to do with hares - I was all like Whaddayamean no bunnies?!? but got over it :) 
 Since it's all about get mad with things, here are my different level of march madness

Round 1 - Work with
*full crosses
*half cross/ tent stitch
*backstitch /special stitches

Round 2
*finish something (yes little birdie project, I'm looking at you...)
*start something

Round 3 - Work on every of my current wips, even if it's just few stitches
*Spring in Japan
*Steam punk fairy
*Bath day
* and something else I'm missing right now

This is madness for you! I wonder what I will manage to do. I went with the madness today, it was a warm and lazy day and I worked on Bath day. The teddy bear in the middle is divided between 4 pages, and now I finisshed the light brown on the third one. This is how it was last time you saw it:
 And this is how it is now:
On no-mad notes, today was the 1st of March which means spring festival, but this year I had almost no time to go and search for models as I usually do.I couldn't send away martenichki either. So sorry girls :/ I'll try my best next year to prepare everything in time.
Tomorrow will be mail day  - I'm in  home town and will go visit the post office. I have an order of beading kits, and I think I should have a book waiting for me too - the author wrote me he sent it last week, so it should be here - and it's authographed, yay!

Wishing you all great weekend and awesome month of March :)


За месец март темата на Темълишъс е Лудост :) Миналата година си мислех, че това е свързано с Мартенския заек, но за съжаление се оказа, че няма нищо общо. Така или иначе, темата си е луда. Голямото предизвикателство е да работиш върху нещо различно всеки ден от месеца, но всъщност е оставена доста свобода да разтълкуваш както си искаш своята лудост. Моята ще има три етапа
Първи - да работя с

*да  завърша нещо
*да започна нещо

Трети - Да работя по малко върху всеки от настоящите ми проекти
*Дядо Прас
*Ден за баня
*Японска пролет
*И каквото там още изпускам в момента

Относно не луди неща - Честита Баба Марта! Тази година не успях изобщо да обикалям, за да избирам мартеници. Съвсем случайно попаднах на една мартеница-поничка, и това май беше най-добрия ми улов, но получих и страхотна мартеница овца.

3 коментара:

Ziggyeor каза...

cute bear! I had forgotten what March was, I better get stitching on a project for a little bit!
Oh Mail day sounds like fun. I love it when I get books. I have few autographed ones.

Zvetanka Shahanska каза...

Честита Баба Марта, Топчо!!!!!!Аз пък съм с мартеничка калинка малинка:))))))

cucki каза...

Cute beary..
Happy march x

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