събота, януари 12, 2013

Theme-a-licious! I decided to try it again

Last year,I kinda failed miserably all of the stitchy - a-longs out there.So I thought I'd take it easy this year.
And then the Doctore came and said "Allons-theme!" So what's a girl supposed yo do, huh?!?

So I'm joining again and I'll try to be better this year and not to skip themes - even if it's just few stitches.

Tradition is a good thing and so this year for January we have

Jardin January

The holidays were a little stressful...let's relax in a nice garden. Work on any piece with flowers or gardens.

Flowers and stuff have always been not-my-favourite thing to stitch.

But this month I will try and work a little on this little one - it is supposed to be stuck in a garden so I guess that makes him fit!
And eventurally on Spring in Japan with all those little nasty falsy trixy hobbitses er flowers. Most def I meant flowers.

But any work will be done after 23rd. I'll be having a big bad mean exam so wish me luck! And have some stitchy fun for me too :)


Миналата година леко се издъних с Темалишъс - и го зарязах по средата. Тази година нямах намерение да се впускам пак в приключението - но изведнъж се появи този банер с Доктор, каза Алон-тем! и какво друго ми оставаше!

Така че реших да се пробвам пак.

Традицията е хубаво нещо, и така тази година отново Темалишъс стартира с Градински Януари - всичко що е цветче и градинка се брои. Аз дмятам да сложа един-два бода на едното дребосъче, което получих миналата година от едно блог кенди, и евентуално може би да поработя малко върху Японската пролет, с всичките нейни малки гадни лъжливи хобитовци т.е. цветчета. Определено цветчета.

Но каквото и да се шие - ще бъде след 23. Тогава имам гаден и страшен изпит - така че пожелайте ми късмет! И шийте малко и за моя сметка :D

8 коментара:

Ruth каза...

I'd say your piece most definitely counts as flowers. I do managed some of the themes last year and then nothing so this year I'm hoping to do better

geeky Heather каза...

LOL!! If flowers are too much trouble, what about trees?

Good luck with your exam!!

cucki каза...

Good luck with your exams x

Emma/Itzy каза...

Good luck with your exam :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname каза...

Hobbitses? what's it got in its pocketses? LOL.

I had to twist some of the themes last year but this is definitely suitable for Jardin month.

Jennifer M. каза...

Well at least the project is a little one, so you should be able to finish it before you get really tired of the theme. LOL

Good Luck on your Exam coming up. :)


Ziggyeor каза...

That counts :) good luck with the stitching and your exam. I loved your Madam name too funny.

Meg каза...


Just found your blog.
Good luck with your exam and your stitching goals.
Your new start looks lovely.

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