неделя, септември 16, 2012

Picture report just before the start of the school year

Now just let me put the "I donwanna go to school" record to play in the background.

I really meant to post sooner. Like always. Now behold a picture heavy and word-light post.
First some stitching. Here is how Steam Punk fairy is progressing:
Yay for some purple showing! And then yay for finiding the pearls for my castle!

I deicded to do the backstitch only on the butterflies, the moon is ok without it
Now say hi to my Tusal jar. I so missed every possible stitchy date. Btw this is not an IHSW report it WILL come tomorrow. Honest
Say hi Tusal butterfly and go make friends with the moon butterfly

And now I will spam you with all the photos I made while visiting the Sand festival. This year the theme was children stories and movies. All the firgures were highly awesome so I coudn't resisi showing them to you. Can you pick up a favourite? cause I just can't

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rosey175 каза...

Like, OMG, I NEVER would have been able to move away from that Lion King sand art! I need it in my house. Even if sand is naughty and gets into everything.

Congrats on finding your pearls! :D Extra bling is always a good thing, right?

Reaper каза...

Great work on your projects and excellent sand pictures! I don't think I could pick a favorite either, they all look really awesome!

Bea каза...

Awesome sand pictures. I can't pick a favourite either.

The Maiden каза...

All your projects are so amazing I cannot choose a favorite. Steam punk is looking great and I love that little butterfly, so realistic. The sandcastles were also fun to see, insane the talent in the world!

Yvon (jioya) каза...

I like the Tom & Jerry one and Nemo looks great too.
Your stitching piece looks lovely.

Hugs Yvon.

Tiki каза...

Your projects all look great! Thanks for sharing the sand pictures.

♥ Nia каза...

I love the last picture with the Smurfs hehehe Funny :D thanks for sharing :)
I'm curious to see more progress on your fairy!! :D

Mangogirl каза...

Great stitching but wow those sand sculptures!

Joysze каза...

I LIKE PICTURES!!! LOL!!!! WIPs look great.

Holy moly, those sand castles are incredible!!!!

How's school?

Veronica каза...

Lovely stitching!

Whoa, those sand sculptures are just amazing!All those details. I'm in awe.


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