понеделник, септември 29, 2008


This absolutely adorable little piggy is called Boo! Boo means Oink, Oink or Gruh Gruh - anyway that pig sound on Japanese. His pattern comes from schaeferyarn.com. I adore him! He's so huggable! I'm almost envious that I'll have to give it away - its for present. But first I have to arrange his ears. And maybe make some "ninja" accessories.

понеделник, септември 15, 2008

New Keychain! ^^

It was a pain to draw this! I use picture from Gimp and then a needle to put the paint because the line s were too thin to use brush. I think it turned nice. At least nicer than poor Sasuke's ;(

понеделник, септември 08, 2008

Uchiha keychain

This photo sucks. The keychain looks better, honest! And I took the photo after the first layer of paint. Nya, I like it. I made it for Sasuke, but he'll be able to take it not earlier than 15th. I had to redo it 3 times, because I couldn't sew it right. But in the end I somehow did it.
Yes! I sew it! Could it be a beginning of something bigger? Yeah sure, you wish.
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